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Eat $#!@, not that!

December 26, 2011

It’s the evolution of men’s magazines snatching my money.

I’ve read Men’s Health magazine for many years now and I became interested when I heard of the concept of “Eat this, not that,” and the books that were released. These books showed an easy way to avoid eating half a day’s worth of calories in one sitting when eating at a restaurant. However, I have someissues when that way of thinking is applied to the holidays.

First, let me quickly talk about the “Eat this, not that” books. They’re basically books that compare similar foods and informs you of the choice with less calories.

The comparison of calories opened my eyes to the kind of stuff I put into my body. A Big Mac has over 200 calories less than a Whopper? It’s still not great since 540 calories is still pretty bad for a sandwich in a meal. I found out through further investigation that a Whopper Jr. with no cheese and no mayo is only 290 calories. Also, a small order of Burger King fries is 340 calories, about 50 calories more than the special made Whopper Jr. So eating two Whopper Jr.’s with no cheese and no mayo with a diet Coke is “healthier” than a small Whopper Jr. meal.

Of course, the smarter idea would be to make a healthier lunch or break out a Lean Cuisine, but that is not always practical, and there’s only so many times one can stomach Subway sandwiches. The same goes for breakfast.

How the hell can an Egg McMuffin be 170 calories less than a plain bagel with cream cheese? These books can have some boggling facts about food. I can’t even look at Chili’s the same way again.

One plate can have almost a thousand calories more than the other. That’s crazy, bro. That’s crazy.

However, the issue I have with the idea is that it should be followed throughout the holidays. I don’t think that would work, not because it’s impossible to follow, but maybe it shouldn’t be followed. Look, I know it’s important to watch what you eat and there’s an obesity epidemic, but I don’t think that cutting out traditional food is going to solve the problem. I saw a holiday edition of these books, which is understandably smaller than the other books and for some reason I can’t find a photo of it, but most people put on a few pounds during the Christmas season anyway.

I know Egg Nog is unhealthy, but I still drink it. I don’t drink it everyday and I only drink it in December. I’m not going to only drink Hot Chocolate and forgo Egg Nog. That’s crazy, bro.

I think the idea of New Year’s Resolutions came from some loser clown who overheard a conversation. Two people were probably talking about going to the gym after New Years in order to lose the added weight and the eavesdropper probably thought it was a year long plan for the New Year. Antisocial losers like that causes all kinds of problems.

Facebook is going to be the next big thing?

People are going to do what they’re going to do on the holidays and that includes drinking up a storm, eating all kinds of fatty comfort foods, and eat lots of sweets. As long as one doesn’t pig out the whole year and at least makes an attempt to ease on the fat intake, it’s okay to let go on the holidays. Aren’t these celebrations supposed to be about fun?

I think it is.


December 22, 2011

What the hell? Twenty-four straight days of posting (mostly) and then I miss most of December? Well, there’s two reasons why I’ve been silent on WordPress and I think they’re pretty much legit.

1)   Needed a break from the daily posts.

I never did a Thanksgiving countdown before and I wanted to give it some justice. I could have easily posted a picture with a comment on most days, and I have seen other blogs do things like that. I don’t knock those blogs at all, but I wanted to do a little bit more. I wanted to post something that web surfers would actually want to read. I figured that a post around 500 words would be best for well-rounded articles. Sometimes I had to write and post them in one sitting, which include the time sucking tasks of searching and editing of pictures. Don’t get me wrong though because I’m certainly not complaining or whining about the task. I actually had fun with the posts but they can be draining. After my last post, I was a little bit sad that it was over, yet I was mentally exhausted. My word count for the month was at least over 10,000. I’m not used to writing so much.

2)   Hell bound Semester.

I just finished the first semester of my senior year in college and while the Major classes are usually winding down at that time, I took a senior seminar class in Philosophy. I had a full schedule which included another Philosophy class, the second Spanish course, and Piano I. I still don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I made the class schedule. Hell, I am not graduating with honors, so the senior seminar wasn’t even necessary.

Yes, there were many So-Crates jokes.

In addition, I suck at Spanish. I took the first class my freshman year and then waited until my senior year to take the second. Yeah, I know, stupid me. And as an elective, I took Piano I since I have a keyboard that is collecting dust. That was pretty fun since I did not know much of anything with pianos and now I can play and read several songs. As fun as learning piano is, it definitely takes discipline. I had to make sure I practiced at least an hour every day or else it would show that I slacked off when I played the exercise in front of the class every week. Pressure!


I’m coming for you, Yanni! Betta watch yo back!

This coming semester should be a piece of cake since I finished my Majors and now have to take BullShizzle classes. Still, with all the bad choices I made for myself when it comes to college workload, I’m surprised I don’t have a drug or alcohol problem. I’ll have a beer once in a while to take off the edge but it’s obvious I don’t think ahead when making choices. I mean, I did decide to do a Thanksgiving countdown with an insane amount of course work due.

Finally, I’ve been following other blogs that have Christmas themed posts, messing with my new Nintendo 3DS, and reading books. I slowed down drastically with Television because of my school business and have to catch up on Christmas classics. Talk to you later.