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Berdo’s Blog’s 1st Anniversary!

November 13, 2010

As readers who have been following my blog knows, I started these postings about a year ago in November. Although I haven’t posted consistently, I believe that I blogged entertaining posts throughout the year. I must also admit that I am a very big procrastinator and I have read lots of material about time management, yet I don’t put any strategies into action. Now, I have been busy with lots of schoolwork in the month of October and the always awesome X– Halloween Countdown absorbed my attention, even if there were not any X-rated entertainment involved. Matt’s expertise on article writing (10 years plus) allows him to post five times a week, which is awesome.

Writing for “Berdo’s Blog” is fun but tough for me. I have been writing on and off for a year. Putting out an article is the biggest bitch. I think my grammar, writing voice, and even humor has improved in the last year, but writing did not get any easier for me. I’ll admit, I’m not a great writer but I’m trying. I believe anyone can get good at anything if they put in the time and effort, so I push on. (more…)