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Where the hell am I?

February 15, 2010

Yeah, so I know I haven’t been updating the site in a few weeks, and I don’t want to be the kind of blogger who writes a few articles and then disappears from the face of the earth. Life has gotten a little complicated I just need to adjust to the change. There are a couple of reasons why I have not posted anything in a while.

The first reason is college. The semester has started up and I haven’t been in school since March. Since I had to retake a class that I failed earlier in order to raise my GPA, I am now taking a whopping eighteen credits this semester. I am especially taking classes that are related to my Political Science/Philosophy major, including three classes for Political Science. As you can imagine, it is reading and writing up the wazoo.

Crazy Typing

There is a lot of information to remember, and I don’t know how I’m going to do it. Maybe I can make a song with the info that I’m getting. My son watches a show called Dinosaur Train and there is an A to Z dinosaur song that names 26 dinosaurs; one dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet (who knew). It’s catchy as hell and I usually stop what I’m doing when my son is watching and the song comes on.

The normal amount of college credits I take per semester is about twelve because it’s the minimum amount for full-time and I’m a lazy ass. However, I recently realized that to go to college for four years, one would have to take fifteen credits per semester. That kinda sucks for me cause like a dumb-ass, I’ve been only taking twelve credits per semester. So now, I gotta break ass in order to stay on schedule.

Another reason why I haven’t been posting (as if anyone cares) is because the laptop that I usually use is busted. It kinda works, but some of the keys are missing, one of the screen hinges is hanging on with a wire, and the screen has colored lines running down the screen. So with my Student refund grant money, I purchased a Acer Aspire netbook. I was gonna get a Dell Mini, but for some reason they jacked up the price an extra $100 without adding any new features. As the bible says, “Screw that!”

I purchased a new netbook that has new “pine tree” technology. It’s basically a netbook with less computer chips, which equals to more battery life. This netbook can lasts ten hours on a single charge and has one of the biggest netbook keyboards, which is 7% smaller than a regular keyboard, so the typing is very smooth. My friend came over the other day and was using my netbook, and he was very impressed. I now use this machine even more than my blackberry (which is more than a shitload).

Acer Aspire One

It’s actually smaller than you think.

Since I have this new netbook and some decent study time, I will probably try to get more posts in regularly. I like this blogging stuff and it really is helping my writing skills which is essential for school.
Write you guys later.