Blog Name Change

When I started up this blog, I planned to write about random things I would find interesting and about subjects I liked as a child while trying not to rehash stories done a million times already. At the time, I had no idea what kind of title I wanted. I just wanted to start writing, especially since it was November, one of my most favorite months. So I decided to simply name it Berdo’s Blog, Berdo being one of my nicknames. Only employees call me by my real name Alberto. Berdo just stuck, along with others like Bert, Budz, or Moron.

What I’ve found is the name Berdo’s Blog is way too generic. All it does is state that the blog is owned by someone, as if there are blogs that are written by no one.

Umm…scratch that. I forgot that my Xbox 360 blogs about my gaming activity.

With a generic name it is hard to promote the blog as something other than an online journal. It also gives no clue on what the heck the blog is about. So, I decided on a name change.

I wanted to pick a name that gives an idea that the blog speaks to pop culture of my past. Also, I wanted to give some sort of homage to Thanksgiving Day, one of my most favorite holidays. In the end, I chose Berdo’s Retrospecting Day Parade. Retrospecting is basically what I do with the blog, and the Day Parade is a tribute to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I even made the title on the header look similar to the Macy’s parade logo.

If you think about it, a blog and a parade is similar. Both bring entertainment. A blog has entries that come one after the other, and a parade has floats that come one after the other. Therefore, my entries are a parade of posts that are presently published punctually and periodically.

The change was also a shot in the arm of creativity (and other substances I cannot publish for legal reasons). I’m already working on several posts and hope to make this a busy blog again. You’d be surprised how much can be accomplished when one writes a measly 200 words a day.

So enjoy, tell your friends, and join my Facebook page. I have lots in store.

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