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End of Feastmas

November 24, 2012

Could you believe it? Late Wednesday evening, my cable and internet gets cut off for some reason. It wasn’t a technical problem because the screen stated to call my cable provider. I don’t know why that happened but I had no internet until today, which sucked. At least I was able to mess with the cable wires so that I was able to get basic cable and see the Macy’s parade. But that also meant that I was unable to post this update yesterday.

In any case, I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I really hate driving that day because there are a lot of crazy people making stupid mistakes on the road. However, I did not have that problem because for me, there’s no place like home for the holidays. My wife and I made our own dinner, pigged out, and watched The Expendables 2 after the airing of Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. I also managed to squeeze in Garfield’s Thanksgiving, which I own on DVD.

Perfect again!

Another thing I realized is that this month marks the three-year anniversary of this blog. WordPress sent me an alert with the info and I was surprised because it certainly does not feel like three years. I have slowed down with the blog posts but I think I was more active this past year than last. Sometimes things get in the way but ideas eventually find me and then the blog gets active. I especially like to give props to Thanksgiving, a holiday that seems to get lost in between Halloween and Christmas. That is a shame because it is certainly one of my favorites.

I don’t plan on ending my blog anytime soon and should definitely find more time to write. I still have several more Thanksgiving themed posts that I haven’t gotten to but I’ll just save them for next year. Screw it; I should just do another Feastmas since I wasn’t satisfied with this year’s. A good strategy I should follow is to write all the posts ahead of schedule in case of any unforeseen circumstances that may delay any articles.

If I do continue Feastmas next year, it should be an interesting one due to some possible changes. If all goes according to plan, I may do a major relocation from the East Coast to the Midwest. I don’t want to get into major details at the moment but if everything works out, I should have all kinds of new material for the Thanksgiving countdown.

Hopefully I don’t run into people like this.

So this ends Feastmas for this year. It didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted, but I am satisfied. Maybe I missed out posting this on Thanksgiving, but it still is Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and get all your Christmas shopping finished early!

I am Thankful.

November 20, 2012

I can’t believe that it’s Thanksgiving week. I was just out today shopping for extra sides for Thursday’s meals and waiting in line at the supermarket longer than usual with others who had the same plans. I was planning on buying my turkey today, however my son came home from school with the basic essentials for a Thanksgiving meal. I’m assuming that because of the hurricane, there must have been holiday donations given out at the school. I’ve gotten rolls, sweet potatoes in a can, corn, carrots, a turkey, and Stove Top stuffing. I guess it does make sense since my neighborhood is basically a disaster area and there have been a tremendous amount of donations given in the area. Since things are tight at the moment, I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I’ve taken a picture of the corn and carrots in the can because I did not recognize the logos or brand names. The carrots brand name is Happy Harvest and the corn is from Foodtown. Foodtown does sound a bit familiar but I couldn’t place it. I did a search and Foodtown is the name of a supermarket, which is around certain areas of NYC, but not around me. Happy Harvest is a brand name from the Aldi supermarkets, which have several stores in the local New Jersey area.

It’s also hard to see in the picture but the turkey brand is Round Hill, a brand that can locally be found in Wegman’s supermarket, which are also located in New Jersey. After completing this small sleuthing, it occurred to me that this food was donated here from surrounding areas looking to help out people affected by Hurricane Sandy. I think it shows the goodness in people, which is something to be thankful for, whether or not you see the generosity up close and personal.

I now also see the eagerness of others wanting to help with my new job. There are people making food and serving it for free near where I work. It helps the neighborhood because there are still people in the immediate area without power. People I work with and others who are cleaning up the area get free lunch willingly from these awesome people.

I started this week as part of park and beach cleanup, which has fellow coworkers and I relocating sand due to extreme beach erosion. The job is pretty tough and our crew is slowly getting smaller, but my body is adjusting to the work and I really like what the primary goal is. For the past year, I have been running on the boardwalk and bike paths in this area, but can no longer do so due to the storm. It was quite depressing to see all the damage in the area and a complete sense of normalcy will not come until the park and beach reopens.

Sand from the beach on the nearby street.

It’s also the tiredness of my job that has made me miss a few days of posting for Feastmas, but I plan to post daily until Thanksgiving, one of my most favorite holidays ever. It’s only three more posts left until Feastmas is over and I really want to get a few more articles in. Nothing specific, but just to celebrate Thanksgiving my way.

Free Turkey!

November 7, 2012

Free is the magic word, isn’t it? But like anything else, nothing is really free.

For the past several years I have not paid for my Thanksgiving turkey. Even though I have been running for a bit, I have not tried my luck at running out the supermarket with a turkey tucked into my arm and juking past security guards. Every year, several supermarkets in NY have deals where if you spend a minimum amount in an allotted time, you can get a free turkey. I’m sure other supermarkets outside of NY do this as well.

This year, if I spend $400 at the store, I can get a free ham or turkey. However, as soon as I saw this ad in the local circular, I immediately saw that the minimum spending limit was upped by $100. For several years now, the minimum was $300 and my jaw practically dropped when I saw the change, but I immediately knew why the price changed. It was because of the drought in several key areas around the U.S. The ruined crops raised the prices of all kinds of food. Believe me, my wallet has been crying all year. Crying with noises. Also, there are less supermarkets offering the deal, which means giving away the turkey has become a burden. That truly is a damn shame.

Of course, a proper business strategy is to be as inclusive as possible. This supermarket, Shoprite, has included substitutions for the turkey if that’s not your thing (heaven’s forbid).

They have chicken, ham, lasagna, or tofurkey. I’m not sure why someone would change the turkey for lasagna. Even Garfield ate turkey on Thanksgiving.

See. No lasagna.

I’m not sure if I’m going to get a turkey for free this year because I don’t think  I’m going to spend $400 in this store. I break up my shopping between Shoprite and the Pathmark, which is a few blocks away. I actually save tons of money doing this and I can get a turkey for half off at the Pathmark. Still, Shoprite does have good deals and they have the Can Can sale with the catchy tune on their commercial. That’s a big plus in my book.

It’s a shame that they upped the minimum spending limit because shopping at the store and then earning a turkey basically has become tradition. It’s almost like leveling up in a videogame and then reaping the rewards. It’s okay though. I like saving money even more.

EDIT: I found out today that because of Hurricane Sandy, Shoprite has lowered the spending minimum from $400 to $300 to ease the pain of New Yorkers, and probably New Jersey residents. I guess I will probably end up getting my free turkey. Nice!