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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

November 6, 2012

In all honesty, I did not watch this movie until I was an adult. Even though I was a child of the 80’s and remember a lot of the decade, there were a few classic movies of the 80’s that I missed. I have yet to see Pretty in Pink, Real Genius, or Making the Grade and and only recently seen other movies like St. Elmo’s Fire and 16 Candles for the first time. Now, I have seen most popular movies of that decade and movies like those I’ve just listed just didn’t seem interesting to me, which is strange because I have seen other Brat Pack movies when they were first released. It’s just one of those things.

Anyway, the premise of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles has two strangers who are trying to get back home to Chicago in time for Thanksgiving but has their plane rerouted to Wichita Kansas. They then spend the rest of the movie trying to get home, even though luck is continuously not in their favor. It stars Steve Martin, John Candy, and is directed by the late, great John Hugues.

John Candy really brings the funny with his annoying personality that drives Steve Martin to the brink. Yet, Candy grows on you as you learn more about him. He’s a friendly guy who’s had trying times in his life.

However, I noticed something strange about the movie, especially since I love to make road trips. It took Martin and Candy 3 days to get from Kansas to Illinois. I checked Google Maps and the actual trip would take about 11 hours by car. Even in the age of no internet, my father used to make good time getting anywhere using folding maps. I could drive that in a day. Even when they rented the car in St. Louis, it took them over a day to complete a 5 hour drive. What took them so long? Were there tons of adult bookstores along the way?That distance flaw doesn’t hurt the movie though; I just thought it was a funny realization. I don’t have to be a nitpicky ass.

I think my favorite joke of the movie (and probably everyone else’s) is where they have to share a bed and then there’s the issue with 2 pillows. It’s scary and hilarious at the same time. I don’t want to spoil the joke for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie but I provided the clip below for anyone who wants a refresher on this uncomfortable situation.

I also found a clip that is a fan made trailer of the movie in the style of Brokeback Mountain, which shows a budding romance between Candy and Martin. It’s pretty funny albeit a bit long, and it would probably even be funnier if Brokeback Mountain was new. 

After recently watching this movie, I realized that the more I watch it, the more I enjoy it. There is always something I notice with every viewing and now I’m considering looking for it on Blu-ray. I definitely recommend it.

Three Awesome Old-School Summer Vacation Movies!

August 6, 2012


Summer is really flying by! We are less than a month away from September and I haven’t even had a barbecue yet. What I am good at concerning summer is watching T.V., especially since my school break days. My summers are lived vicariously through vacation movies and here are three of my favorites.

National Lampoon’s Vacation

Clark Griswald takes his family on a road trip across the Midwest to the awesome Wally World (not Walmart). Everything bad that can happen does, including ingesting pee and a death of a family member, but this movie even makes that tragic event funny. Watch this movie if you have not.

National Lampoon's Vacation

Good luck on the road! You’ll need it!

One Crazy Summer

A high school graduate joins his buddy to spend the summer on Nantucket Island and gets into zany situations, surprisingly without the use of drugs and alcohol. He must also save the house of his female friend’s grandfather by winning a boat race. Just participating in a boat race would be a crazy summer for me. Who does these things?

one crazy summer

This is a crazy summer, is it not?

The Great Outdoors

John Candy brings his family to a cabin in a small wilderness town for vacation and his Yuppie brother-in-law, played by Dan Aykroyd, decides to crash their fun with his own family. There are funny situations that occur, but the gem of this movie is watching the comedic interactions between Candy and Aykroyd. This movie is a favorite and I watch at least once a year. It also tempts me to enter eating contest, but I feel weird when people watch me put things in my mouth.

the great outdoors

Two geniuses, one movie.

There are, of course, many other vacation movies that deserve mention but I decided to only list three for now. I will probably write another similar blog but I have to go. I’m starting to go into T.V. withdrawal.



December 22, 2011

What the hell? Twenty-four straight days of posting (mostly) and then I miss most of December? Well, there’s two reasons why I’ve been silent on WordPress and I think they’re pretty much legit.

1)   Needed a break from the daily posts.

I never did a Thanksgiving countdown before and I wanted to give it some justice. I could have easily posted a picture with a comment on most days, and I have seen other blogs do things like that. I don’t knock those blogs at all, but I wanted to do a little bit more. I wanted to post something that web surfers would actually want to read. I figured that a post around 500 words would be best for well-rounded articles. Sometimes I had to write and post them in one sitting, which include the time sucking tasks of searching and editing of pictures. Don’t get me wrong though because I’m certainly not complaining or whining about the task. I actually had fun with the posts but they can be draining. After my last post, I was a little bit sad that it was over, yet I was mentally exhausted. My word count for the month was at least over 10,000. I’m not used to writing so much.

2)   Hell bound Semester.

I just finished the first semester of my senior year in college and while the Major classes are usually winding down at that time, I took a senior seminar class in Philosophy. I had a full schedule which included another Philosophy class, the second Spanish course, and Piano I. I still don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I made the class schedule. Hell, I am not graduating with honors, so the senior seminar wasn’t even necessary.

Yes, there were many So-Crates jokes.

In addition, I suck at Spanish. I took the first class my freshman year and then waited until my senior year to take the second. Yeah, I know, stupid me. And as an elective, I took Piano I since I have a keyboard that is collecting dust. That was pretty fun since I did not know much of anything with pianos and now I can play and read several songs. As fun as learning piano is, it definitely takes discipline. I had to make sure I practiced at least an hour every day or else it would show that I slacked off when I played the exercise in front of the class every week. Pressure!


I’m coming for you, Yanni! Betta watch yo back!

This coming semester should be a piece of cake since I finished my Majors and now have to take BullShizzle classes. Still, with all the bad choices I made for myself when it comes to college workload, I’m surprised I don’t have a drug or alcohol problem. I’ll have a beer once in a while to take off the edge but it’s obvious I don’t think ahead when making choices. I mean, I did decide to do a Thanksgiving countdown with an insane amount of course work due.

Finally, I’ve been following other blogs that have Christmas themed posts, messing with my new Nintendo 3DS, and reading books. I slowed down drastically with Television because of my school business and have to catch up on Christmas classics. Talk to you later.