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Jerky and Slurpee

June 23, 2012

The Jerky and Slurpee. It is an earworm of the worst kind.

Let me back up a bit and explain what I’m talking about. For the past few months, I’ve gotten into the habit of entering online daily contests. With the invention of auto fill, entering several contests every day has become an easy quick task. I have yet to win anything but I have only just started and these sweepstakes usually run several months. I have also created daily email reminders so I just go down the email list and get them done in a few minutes. I do not fill them out with an inflated hope of winning them, but at least I give them a shot, which opens up a slim possibility of winning, rather than no chance whatsoever.

Whenever I’m not writing about pop culture I enjoyed in the past, I end up writing about food products that wouldn’t normally catch my interest. In other words, weird, freaky-deaky stuff. In that case, I had to write about Oberto Beef Jerky.

Beef Jerky isn’t that weird in itself and Oberto is a standard brand, but I have to comment about their strange contest. You could enter their contest daily up to June 30th on Facebook and win a grand prize of a actual boat full of beef jerky, or smaller prizes like T-shirts, hats, and the like. However, I’m not getting paid by Oberto to mention this contest. In fact, when doing research for this blog post, I had no idea what the grand prizes were until today and I’ve been entering this contest for weeks. The reason why I’m writing this post is because every day you’re a winner. You always win something.

Now, the prizes you win when you enter makes one question if he/she really is a winner with these prizes. I’ve won several gifs about beef jerky and free Mp3’s. Mp3’s about beef jerky. I’m serious.

I’m not really sure why I would need a Gif that uses dry meat to spell out “Most Excellent,” but Oberto feels like I should have it.

To be fair, it’s rather smart of them to give me terrible gifts daily when I enter the contest. First, it takes away the feeling of losing every day by providing a consolation prize, and it makes me come back to see what other kind of nonsense I can get from this Jerky company.


But I stepped in it now with one of the prizes. I won a Mp3 called Jerky and Slurpee. It is a song singing about those 7-11 products in an R&B flair. I listened to it and thought it was strange. I put it on again to pay attention to the lyrics and then put it on again to clarify the lyrics. I then put it on again just for laughs. Later on in the day, I find myself singing the song and then changing the lyrics from playful to perverse.

Ugh! I can’t get that song out of my head. I found the song on YouTube and then I can listen to it streaming on my phone. I’ll try to keep some dignity and keep the Mp3 off my smartphone. My wife started getting annoyed with it and now she can’t get enough of it either. Who knew some terrible song about beef jerky could be so catchy. I’ll tell you this, 7-11 made a lot of money from me lately.

Yeah, someone made a video out of it.