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A new update (after almost 3 years of nothing)

June 2, 2015

I can’t believe that it’s been so long that I’ve done nothing with this blog. Truth be told, I’ve been busy with life, raising an autistic son and working long hours with the USPS, among other things. The reason why I came back is because I’m learning web development online through in order to have an easier job and make more money. A point they keep banging home is to start a blog reiterating what I learned as practice.

It makes sense to me. The way I would retain anything from college is writing papers on a subject. As painful as it was, it worked. Anything else I needed to know for things like quizzes has flown the coop long long ago. How am I supposed to remember the intricacies of Kantian Ethics or Utilitarianism when my life is so busy, especially when my wife is always blasting Big Freeda and Nicki Minaj on the stereo?

Also, it’s not as if I haven’t thought about coming back to my blog sooner. I have a moleskin book full of ideas that I never acted upon, including articles for Feastmas. I wanted to come back but then I had another dilemma. Am I so important that the world wide web would be incomplete without my blog posts? Who am I that I have to talk about my life online? Am I part of the celebrity-crazed public that I have to put myself out there in order to be internet famous? I’m conflicted about that because on one hand, unlike Ron Burgandy, I’m not a big deal. I’m part of the all-singing all-dancing crap of the world. On the other hand, that seems rather judgmental to others who have an internet presence.

Lately, I’ve been remembering why I started a blog in the first place: to talk about things that I like and to keep my writing skills up to par. When I started, I didn’t care if anyone read this. My writing was to help me get better at writing and to keep memories of my past fresh. You know what? I had fun remembering things of my childhood, and my college papers would’ve suffered if I didn’t start the blog. My writing was terrible when I started blogging and it has improved tenfold. I have been out of school for about three years and I’m afraid that my mind might start slipping.

I do have more free time considering that I’m still healing from a broken ankle and I’m about to quit my job in order to help my wife ghostwriting articles for the web. I’m not sure what my subjects will be since I’m not sure what to write about from my past. I think I will just wing it and write when I’m inspired. I need more practice writing to help my wife with her job. I’d rather do that than slaving delivering mail.

Better than getting chased by dogs.

Another strange thing I noticed when I logged on to WordPress is that I regularly get views daily. Kinda strange considering it’s been forever since I wrote anything. It makes me think of cool blogs that I stumbled upon that ended abruptly and wished the bloggers still wrote for them. Did that ever happened to anyone who read my blog? I’ll probably never know but it does kinda motivate me to write.

Finally, there are things coming around that I might want to write about, including a possible relocation south of New York and a Disney trip that may actually happen. I’m excited about this and may want to keep an online journal.  I don’t know how often I’ll post, but who cares. Nobody reads this anyway. I’m writing for me.

P.S. When the hell did WordPress change it’s format? I have to learn everything again.