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March of the Wooden Soldiers

November 11, 2012

I spent quite some time sitting in front of a blank screen thinking about how I’m going to start this blog post. How do I talk about a movie that’s very old yet very popular? What kind of perspective do I bring to a movie that practically everyone has seen and is aired every year. After pondering what to write, I guess eventually I came to this conclusion: I love this movie.

There are elements in this film that I do not like. For instance, I hate excessive singing. That is a reason why I don’t go to Broadway. But I don’t want to make a list of what I don’t like about it because it would be pointless. Anyone can make a nickpicky list about anything. This movie is entertaining and funny. I may have only watched one or two other movies with Laurel and Hardy, but this movie shows that they are great and play off each other very well. There is a lot of clever scheming when it comes to taking care of the mortgage. The movie turns to an action film when the Bogeymen show up with their rubber faces and puffy backs. This is a great movie that ages well.

Those wild and crazy guys!

I mention this movie because it has become a Thanksgiving Day tradition for many years of my life. I remember as a young boy that I used to flip the channels between the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and this movie every year. When I figured out how to use a VCR, I would tape the movie and watch the parade. When 12pm would hit, I would put on the movie. I had nothing to do since school was closed and I was too young to cook, so why not spend the day in front of the television? I used to do that lots of times.

The movie would air every Thanksgiving on W.P.I.X. 11 in New York City. That was the same channel where I discovered the Twilight Zone Marathon. Since I used to watch a lot of TV during the school summer break, it was also where I discovered the awesomeness of the Batman hour. Even though it was an hour long, the show would still say, “same bat time, same bat channel.” Television at it’s best.

It has actually been a few years since I’ve seen the movie on network television but it’s not because it hasn’t aired. I truly have no idea if it is still on at Thanksgiving. Some networks also air the movie on Christmas but many remember it playing on TV in November. I’m going to keep a look out for it this year and see if the tradition has been kept on TV. If not, I guess it’s another movie for my Blu-ray collection. Believe it or not, it has just been released for 3D Blu-ray. I have no idea how that looks, but I would give that a shot. I’m assuming that in 50 years from now, they’ll release the Holodeck version and that should be fun.