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December 26, 2009

Well, Christmas day has passed and the 12 days of Christmas has begun. I really like this 12 days tradition because it feels like Christmas all the way till January. Today, as I write this throughout the day, I’m going to be taking advantage of After Christmas sales and buying more gifts to give and receive.

For Christmas, I did not receive much gifts but that’s ok. I actually bought more gifts for others, rather than an equal give and receive gift ratio. It feels pretty good to buy others presents, especially when they are the perfect, thoughtful gifts. My son got an onslaught of gifts, which I am happy about. I bought my wife a hardcover of Animal Farm and 1984 in one book. I also got her the Topple game, which she never played but always wanted to. I forgot how much fun this game is… and more complicated than I remember.

I also noticed that my wife and I spend more on Valentine’s day than Christmas these last few years. I don’t know how this tradition started, but it’s cool with me. I’m still receiving my Christmas gifts so I’m waiting to see what else I’m getting. So far, I got a Xbox 360 keyboard controller/headset, which I really wanted since Facebook and Twitter is now on Xbox live.


Christmas always reminds me of Christmases long ago. There were certain years where I received awesome gifts for the holiday; gifts that I’ve never forgotten because they were unforgettable. Since it is the Christmas season, I have decided to list my top five Christmases of all time. Starting the countdown from number five…