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Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Update.

August 31, 2012

Earlier this week I mentioned the change to the safari where visitors will not be able to drive their cars inside the animal habitat anymore. While that is a bummer and will end at the end of September, the Six Flags brass has come out with a new press release on the new park features for the 2013 season.

As I mentioned as a possible…uh, possibility, the safari park will have their own vehicles that will take groups closer to the animals than before. According to NBC news, “Guests will follow the escapades of the fictional Wilds family that stays at Camp Aventura, the main stop in the off-road excursion.” ( I like this idea because it takes a storytelling page from the Disney imagineers playbook.

WTF! Their photo, not mine.

A strange fact is that the entrance to this new attraction is in the Frontier Adventures section of the park, themed with a western motif. I find this strange because there is another section of the park called The Golden Kingdom where it is themed after the jungle and has bamboo plants, had the white tiger show, and is home to the rollercoaster Kingda Ka, which is also themed after the jungle. If they plan on keeping any sense with their themed sections , they may get rid of The Golden Kingdom, which would be a shame because it is done nicely.

I hope for no change.

They also will have a zipline that would go over the safari, but I would imagine the lines being too crazy to wait for and I don’t want to risk getting a flesh-eating bacteria.

Remember, the drive-through ends this September 30th. Last chance to experience it before this driving option closes forever.