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New Oreos! (I think)

August 23, 2011

Lately I’ve been getting my blog ideas simply by shopping at the local supermarket. If I think it’s interesting, I feel compelled to let others know, and the biggest grapevine out there is the internet. When I was looking for snacks to pick up, my wife pointed out two special Oreo packages I’ve never seen before. They’re named Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos and Triple Double Oreos.

Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos

Berry Burst
The Berry Burst cookies are supposed to be some sort of Ice Cream flavor. The packaging has a picture of something that looks like strawberry ice cream. The picture looked good to me so I had to try it. When I opened the package at home and looked at the cookie, I noticed that the cream was kinda pinkish red, a bit more darker that what the package promised. When I twisted off one side to get a better look, the cream was pinkish red with small red dots covering it. I realized that people only look like that when they’re sick. I’m here writing this so all turned out well and I was not poisoned.

Spots! God help us!Cookie Rash?

On a side note, I’m not sure how I feel about the new way to open the package. It has that pull back tab that also closes by sticking it shut. I guess it’s better than opening the package on the side, but I don’t know if the stickiness actually protects against ants or the like. It’s almost like a false sense of security, similar to the TSA.

Like an unhealthy banana!Cookie Sardines?

I think the taste is pretty decent. It didn’t taste like ice cream, but more like cake frosting that one buys when making cake at home, maybe Duncan Hines or something like that. My wife did not like it and thought it tasted like medicine to her. I didn’t taste any comparison like that but many people have different tastes. I thought it had a good taste and I think I would buy it again as long as it doesn’t give anyone the pox.

Triple Double Oreos

Freaked around and got a triple double!
The packaging of the Triple Double Oreos is pretty standard, which includes the splash of milk underneath as if the cookie dropped a little Oreo turd.

Holding up the cookie to inspect it, the obvious reaction is “Damn, that’s a huge bitch!” The cookie is huge and you can feel the buyer’s remorse slowly creeping in even before biting it.  It’s the Big Mac of cookies. You can’t be surprised when eating such a big cookie and then wondering how you got so big.

Artery Clog Oreos.Sweet Joseph Smith!

The taste is super sugary but I think it’s part of the charm. Chocolate and vanilla (or just white) mashed together is a pretty good idea and it works. However, anyone who is watching their weight should stay away. In fact, weight watchers should probably stay away from all these cookies. Nabisco is great when it comes to sugary treats, but for the love of God, don’t sue them if you do get a weight problem from eating their snacks. Enjoy in moderation and you’ll do fine.