Seating at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Forget it.

Most ways people get seating for the parade is if you work for the company and you’re lucky enough to be one of the few who gets tickets or if you’re a VIP, like a celebrity or in a position of power. Of course, like most situations in this country, money talks.

Most spectators line up along the parade at the police barriers and watch the performers and floats go by. However, the NBC broadcast shows performances in front of the Macy’s store on 34th st. Because of all the broadcast equipment everywhere at Herald Square, it’s best to avoid the area unless you have tickets for the seating area. If you do, you can see performances like this:

It seems like a sweet place to be. You can see the balloons up close, watch the marching bands play, and see musical performances from Broadway shows and see the Rockettes kick their toned legs. The only thing bad that sticks out is that most performances are done facing away from the seating, towards the camera.  It’s a minor hinderance though because it’s probably cool just to be there. Any sports game is way more interesting when you’re watching it in person, so being at the VIP seating must make the parade the highlight of the year.

Way more impressive in person.

There are two areas located at the parade where there’s seating. The most obvious spot is in front of Macy’s and where the performances are held. The second seating is right at the beginning of the parade, near the Museum of Natural History. If you watch the parade on TV, usually a celebrity seated there will be interviewed there by Al Roker. The people who sit there do not get to see the performances (I believe), but the parade is over for them by 10:30am EST so they can go home earlier or travel to wherever they have to go. They’re also able to see the kickoff. I guess whoever goes has to decide which option works best for them.

So, why even write about this when the tickets are for certain folks? Why tease the readers? Well, like I said, money talks. There are situations where people obtain tickets but know in advance that they’re not able to go. They sell the tickets online at prices that average around $1,000 a pop. That certainly is a high price, but it does make seating possible. I figured that if you saved $10 a week per ticket, you can attend the VIP section in about two years, Heheh. One could make it a Thanksgiving vacation in New York to make it worth it. I have attended the parade as a regular bystander and I did have fun, so I imagine that the seating area is much cooler. I think at some point in the future I’ll spend some cash and buy tickets at least once. If you have the money to spend, I’d say try it at least one time. It’s either that or spend several years working at Macy’s selling Cuisinart appliances.


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