Fried Turkey.

Fried turkey has become popular in the media because of the foolishness of people who can’t follow directions and start fires. I have never had fried turkey before but I have heard of it many times on T.V. It does look pretty good and I do like fried chicken cutlets so I’m assuming I would enjoy this as well.

Probably the biggest reason why I never fried a turkey is because I currently live in an apartment. It is way too dangerous to try something like that indoors. However, if I ever wanted to commit arson,  I could play dumb and fry a turkey at someone else’s place (well, not anymore).

There are a lot of factors that are involved when frying a big turkey and I know I’ll forget something and burn down New York City. Fortunately, you can order a fried turkey and avoid the danger that comes with cooking it yourself. You can watch the video below and see what is involved. The guy fries a turkey while tailgating at a football stadium. I didn’t know you could do that. The turkey sharing requests must be a nightmare.

The danger with frying is the greasy oil hitting the open flame at the bottom. The oil can completely explode in flames and adding water to douse the flames only makes the fire worse. The trick is to make sure there isn’t too much oil in the pot so that it doesn’t overflow and touch the flames. .

That fire danger does make good video clips though. I have seen warnings about turkey grease fires on the news every November and they’ll usually have a fireman show what could happen if handled wrong. The video below is an example of what could go wrong and it stars William Shatner. Yeah, go figure. But if a major fire doesn’t make you sit up and take notice, maybe a Starfleet captain would.

I’ve also included videos showing a living room set go up in flames and a basketball hoop lighting up just to show how high the flames can go. Can there ever be enough videos with food explosions?

Watching these videos tempt me to get a frying kit just to purposely set it on fire. I remember when the Mentos and diet soda videos became big and I tried it out myself outside. When I dropped the candy into the soda, the fizz went as high as three stories. It was very much more impressive in person than watching it on YouTube and my cousin who wasn’t expecting such an significant effect immediately bought me more supplies to try it again. That’s why I think trying the turkey fryer fire would be incredible to watch. It really is dangerous though so I would really have to think about it. I do like having eyebrows.

But in all seriousness, if you do decide to fry a turkey, please be careful. Thanksgiving is a day of celebration and it would not be fun to have Thanksgiving dinner outside while your house is burnt to a crisp. The food would get cold.


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