Feastmas 2012!

It’s a little late, but I decided to do another Thanksgiving countdown this year. Just like last year, I’m going to write a Thanksgiving related blog post everyday until Thanksgiving Day. I was going to start on November 1st but this bitch of a storm named Sandy knocked out my power for almost a week.

About this time last year I had at least half of the articles already written and queued up for posting on WordPress because I was so busy with school and other responsibilities and I probably wouldn’t be able to post every day. This time I’m just winging it (no pun intended) and hoping for the best. However, with my luck, the power will probably go out again. I hear there is supposed to be a Nor’easter coming this Tuesday. What fun! The countdown can be a success or a failure. Who knows, but after spending almost a week in the dark, I think I’m allowed to be an ass. And so it begins.

This subject was supposed to be posted on November 2nd. That day is officially National Deviled Egg day and that’s what I’m gonna talk about. I feel weird using that date name because seriously, who comes up with these special days? They’re not holidays. Schools don’t close nor do the post office. Are we really that bored that we have to celebrate random things all the time? I suppose so, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing a Thanksgiving Day countdown. Maybe someone will create a  Piña Colada with Bacardi Day. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

In any case, I had my first taste of deviled eggs (or eggs mimosa) a few years ago when my wife was hosting for Thanksgiving. I’ve definitely heard of them and was surprised when my wife served them as an appetizer while my friend and I were playing Gears of War. What an awesome combo, huh? I was eager to try them since I never had them and they were delicious. They’re not hard to make either, which means you can make them whenever you want. They’re not a dish that is specifically tied to Thanksgiving, but it just makes the day that much sweeter.

Finally, I found a YouTube video on what mistakes to avoid and tips to make the deviled eggs come out perfect. The chef was on a season of Top Chef but I don’t recognize her because I’m mostly a Food Network person. I enjoy Alton Brown giving interesting but pointless facts about food. But his tips on food prep are usually awesome. He’s the reason that I started to brine my turkeys and I never looked back after that, as I mentioned somewhere in last year’s countdown.

Since Thanksgiving comes early this year (November 22nd), that helps me out because I covered a lot of topics last year and I had a hell of a time coming up with new subjects this time. It’s hard to branch outside the box from turkey and stuffing, but I think I did a good job with my brainstorming. Let the gluttony begin!


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2 Responses to “Feastmas 2012!”

  1. Jason Says:

    Deviled eggs are awesome! I can’t believe that you only first had them a few years ago! My dad used to make them all the time. he always put a sprinkle of paprika and a slice of green olive(with pimento) on top. Even with my wife’s family, I enjoy deviled eggs quite a few times a year.

    Looking forward to your countdown again this year.

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