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Three More Awesome Old-School Summer Vacation Movies!

August 10, 2012

I am back with another 3 summer vacation movies. I Googled and Netflixed looking for more examples and I found more selections to mention.

Summer Rental

This is another movie with John Candy as a father taking his family on vacation. This time it is in Florida and weird but funny things ensue. A strange thing that happened is that Candy may be evicted by the current landowner and then challenges him to a boat race to stay on property. Another boat race movie! What is it with the 80’s and boats? The only boats I have gotten on are rowboats, Jungle Cruse boats, and that time I accidentally boarded a cruise ship for gay nudists. At least I got a complimentary full body wax.

Father of the century!

Father of the century!


Man, do I even have to explain this one? It’s that shark movie. I do like to watch it because it has to do with summer and the July 4th holiday. There are no fireworks but there are explosions, blood, and limbs. Similar to One Crazy Summer, it takes place on a vacation island. Why people would want to trap themselves on an island with a ferry as the only transportation-I’ll never figure that one out. If there is a big fire, everyone instantly becomes a triathlete and who knows what’s in the water.


“Whatcha gonna do with that spear?”

Summer School

Unfortunately, I had to go to summer school a few times during my K-12 career but it was never as fun as this movie. The class goes to several outings and the teacher promises each student a favor if they study. The teacher does not know how to teach properly but is teaching the class anyway to get tenure. This idea is funny and sad in many ways. My classes were not as fun but at least my summer school subjects included History, English, and learning which alcohol vendors who don’t card.

Man, the 80’s seem more hardcore.

I have not watched all of these movies yet this summer but there is still time. Enjoy the summer while it lasts because it comes only once a year. Now get that grill going!