A Tofurkey Thanksgiving

Most people probably think that vegetarians are screwed when Thanksgiving comes around and they have to eat salad while watching others pig out on turkey or ham. True vegetarians don’t care because they enjoy eating vegetables of different colors. For those who need a meat substitute, they can eat tofu and other soy products. I wondered what I would do if I was unable to eat turkey or other meats on thanksgiving and did a little research. Some vegetarians replace the turkey on Thanksgiving with a product called Tofurkey.

Tofurkey is a soy based meat substitute which is prepped specifically to emulate cooking a turkey. It is a tofu product that is larger than usually packaged in order to feed several people. My wife came up with the idea to try it and since we’re flirting with a partial vegetarian diet for health reasons, I agreed with her and picked up a tofurkey at the local Trader Joe’s.

Now, let me be clear: I’m not trying a Tofurkey on Thanksgiving. We bought it to try on an ordinary day. There’s no way in hell I will risk spoiling the holiday with trying something that could taste like crap. I could become a full-time vegetarian and I still would eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

I opened the box and there was a plastic bowl with liquid in it and a labeled softball inside. The liquid is actually gravy which is used in the cooking process. The softball is actually a big piece of tofu that is already prepped like a turkey. The directions on the side of the box were pretty straightforward and this looks like a good deal for $10.

open box

I did some research for opinions on this product and most of them were positive. However, many commented that it was a little dry, so of course, out comes the brine!


It was a simple homemade brine with vegetable broth and some added seasonings. It was left in submerged for a half hour in order to get the full flavor. Next, some vegetables were cut up to roast with the tofu. Potatoes, onions and carrots were put in and then some extra seasonings were added on top. Tofu can be bland if you’re not careful.


Finally, the last step was to cover the tofurkey with the included gravy and wrap the whole thing with tin foil. The oven pan is then placed in the oven for an hour and fifteen minutes. I didn’t expect the Tofurkey to take so long (cause I wasn’t thinking), so while I waited, I prepped some turkey Stove Top, made rice in the cooker, and killed some zombies in Red Dead Redemption.


The time flew and the tofu was done before I knew it. I’m so glad I set a timer or else my home would’ve burned to the ground for a really stupid reason. If my home burned down for a Tofurkey, I could never live it down.

My wife cut it open while I took pictures. I was surprised cause I forgot that the tofurkey has stuffing inside it. It’s all good though cause I love me my Stove Top.

cut openI had a strange feeling that an alien was gonna burst out

All in all, this wasn’t that bad. I did taste the slight standard tofu taste in it, but it also had a turkey flavor and it did feel like meat. My wife who is more used to vegetarian stuff claimed that she thought it totally tasted like turkey and it was good. If there ever was a weird situation where all the turkeys in the world died and we needed something similar to replace it, I could get used to Tofurkey. You never know if some weird Soylent Green situation happens, but I’d rather eat people than soy chips.



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4 Responses to “A Tofurkey Thanksgiving”

  1. Hoverbored Says:

    A vegetarian diet is fine if your health agrees with it, but after seeing Tom Naughton’s movie “Fat Head” I have my doubts. I don’t think I could bring myself to eat a tofu turkey… but some Stove Top stuffing sounds tasty…

  2. berdorules Says:

    I did see Fathead and enjoyed it. It’s probably why we slowed down on plants-only food. Funny as heck too.

    But I had to try Tofurkey after hearing about it so much so I can see for myself how it tastes. It would never beat real turkey though.

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