Cranberry sauce is berry good!

I love cranberry sauce, maybe as much as I like turkey and stuffing, Thanksgiving is not done right unless the sauce is included. When I was very young, I didn’t like it because it looked unappetizing. I did not actually try it before, but that’s how kids are. Only when I was a few years older, I gave it a shot and decided that I liked the taste. My mother never actually “made” cranberry sauce. She would just open the can and put it on a dish. At least she sliced up so that it looked like overgrown beet disks.

Comes out like a log and plops into the bowl.

I’ve had the cranberry sauce in a can my whole young life until adulthood and I figure many people have their sauce in this fashion. It kind of makes sense though. With the monumental effort it takes to cook a entire Thanksgiving dinner, not many want to do anything special with the sauce. However, since I left the nest, my wife and I discovered that there are recipies out there which include whole fresh cranberries. There are recipes that show how to make cranberry sauce with fresh berries and there are many variations on these sauces. Some of them are so good that it’s a shame so many people eat the sauce right out of the can.


I will use a recent recipe as an example. My wife found a recipe in a Rachel Ray magazine where all you do to make a homemade sauce is heat whole cranberries in a pot along with some marmalade until it starts boiling. Mix well and enjoy. Really simple, but I love the taste of it.

Canned sauce with berries could work.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the stuff in the can, especially since that’s what I grew up with. However, there are so many variations to try that it seems like a crime to stick with the basic on such a special food day. Also, if you’re like me, the only time you ever think to eat cranberry sauce is on Thanksgiving day. I don’t know why that’s the case, especially since I love the stuff.

Another good reason why you should make your own sauce is because of what you can do with it as leftovers. I’m talking about using it as a spread when making turkey and stuffing sandwiches. If you spread the stuff on your bread slices, you don’t have to worry about the sandwich tasting dry and the meat getting stuck in your throat. It helps the meat go down smooth and the taste is great (this almost seems vulgar somehow). It’s basically the same thing Wawa does with their Gobbler sandwiches I mentioned on day one.

Beats the heck out of cool whip

So, I hope I convinced you to at least give the homemade sauce a shot. You could make it two days earlier and then jar it for the big day. That way there’s less work for you to do on that Thursday. There’s a cranberry apple jello mold I’m eyeing and may give a shot this year. Anyone else makes special cranberry sauce? Leave a comment below. Thanks!


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7 Responses to “Cranberry sauce is berry good!”

  1. Hoverbored Says:

    My sister is hardcore when it comes to Thanksgiving. She makes homemade cranberry sauce from fresh whole cranberries, homemade pumpkin pie (and pumpkin cheesecake), and mashed potatoes from scratch.

    And you wouldn’t believe how she goes about making stuffing. Does she make the stuffing from a box? Nah. Does she buy some bread crumbs and make them from scratch? Pshaw! She buys two loaves of French Bread, slices, spices, bastes, and bakes the bread to make breadcrumbs. THEN she makes her own stuffing out of it, sausage, olives, celery, the works. No fruit, though. We prefer the stuffing a bit more “savory” in our house.

    I mentioned something about flouring the turkey earlier, but I was mistaken. She sprinkles flour on the inside of the oven bag to keep it from expanding and bursting. Also, she says that cooking the stuffing in the turkey is perfectly safe. She’s been doing it for about 15 years or so and has never had any problems with it. To be fair, Alton Brown certainly knows what he’s talking about, but as my brother out it, if you’re encountering the kind of problems you mentioned on a regular basis, there’s a good chance you’re doing something wrong. You’ve got to feel sorry for someone who manages to cook bone-dry turkey with e. coli-infected stuffing.

    • berdorules Says:

      I had homemade stuffing before and it was pretty good, but I love me my Stove Top. I usually do my cranberry sauce from scratch, partly because it’s fun to hear the cranberries pop when heated.

      Cooking the stuffing in the bird doesn’t automatically make one sick, but there is a small chance. Stuffing has been cooked in the bird for decades and I don’t think there’s been massive deaths due to that. I do eat bloody steaks and there’s a risk of sickness there also so ultimately, you’re gonna do whatever you want. Adulthood does have its benefits.

  2. Rev. Back It On Up 13 Says:

    I love real cranberry sauce. The canned kind is what we always had, my whole life, and it always looked depressing to me with its can rings. At least it should be mashed with a fork.

    I think this year I’m gonna try to do the real sauce. You’ve inspired me!

  3. Jason Says:

    I’m not a fan of cranberry sauce(although I like cranberries). It dates back to a Thanksgiving back in the mid-eighties. I mistook the (canned) cranberry sauce for Jell-O, and as you know, Jell-O it is not. It was kind of repulsing to my kid-self, and I have not tried it since(maybe I should give it another go). I also have a similar story on why I don’t like grapefruit.

  4. Recipe for Oh Yeah! | Sonia G Medeiros Says:

    […] Cranberry sauce is berry good! ( […]

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