Thursday Morning Aromas

There are many things about Thanksgiving morning that are pretty sweet, such as the parade, March of the Wooden Soldiers, vacation, etc. However, one thing I’ve yet to touch on is this:

The smells.

Every Thanksgiving morning, as long as I can remember, always had a myriad of heavenly smells mixed together. There may be some readers who may actually hate the different smells, and that’s okay, but I love it. It’s what let you know what day it is, and a promise of what’s to come.

The first major smell I can recall is raw turkey. Gag, huh? Actually, it is the smell of turkey mixed with seasonings. My parents use to splash the combined spices in a liquid onto the turkey and I thought the aroma was addicting, but I haven’t smelled that in many years because I brine my bird and the smell of brine isn’t very pleasing. I must ask my parents for the recipe so that I can at least cook a roaster in that fashion.


Another excellent scent I can recall are baking pumpkin pies. My mom used to make pumpkin pies and used pumpkin pie mix that come in those big cans. The mix had a powerful smell that would definitely hold its own among the others. That smell of pumpkin mixed with clove gets my mouth watering every time I think of it. It’s also a smell automatically makes me think of Thanksgiving no matter what time of the year it is.

Once the can is open, I’m in heaven.

Two smells compete as a side dish because I have either one or the other every Thanksgiving. It’s sweet potato casserole or candied yams. I don’t have them both every year because my in laws and wife make the sweet potato dish and my mother makes the candied yams. I grew up with the candied yams but had the casserole for several years now, so they’re now both tradition. I love both smells and look forward to either one every year, especially since Thanksgiving is the only time I have them.

Another favorite when it’s in the oven.

One of my most favorite smells from Thanksgiving is the smell of stuffing (or dressing). I already stated in an earlier blog that Stove Top is my favorite, and part of the reason why is the distinct smell it gives. It’s something I’ve inhaled my whole life, and the extra ingredients that are added make the aroma that much better. The aroma of cooked apples, celery, and sausage is heavenly. There must have been a bowl of this stuff at the last supper, because there’s no way Jesus is leaving the Earth without one more spoonful.

Requested by death row inmates everywhere.

Finally, as a consolation prize for those who are unable to live in their own houses, a smell that is unique to apartment buildings is the awesome aromas that inhabit the hallways. They come from the other apartments where other families are preparing for their own feasts. If one has to go out to venture into the madhouse that are supermarkets that day because a critical ingredient was forgotten, he or she can partake in the delicious scents of food while leaving and coming back home.

I was wondering how I was going to write a blog post about food smells, but this was one of the most fun articles to write in this countdown yet. If you have any wonderful scents that remind you of Thanksgiving, leave a response in the comments. Thanks!


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7 Responses to “Thursday Morning Aromas”

  1. Sam Frank Says:

    I think it’s a toss up between the twice-baked potatoes my grandmother makes and the yams topped w/mini marshmallows that are my mother’s specialty! They’re very different, but equally mouth-watering!

  2. Hoverbored Says:

    I can’t remember exactly what smells make me think of Thanksgiving, but I’m sure they’ll come back to me when the cooking starts.

    Parsley! My sister chops it up and puts it in her stuffing! I knew there was something I remembered!

  3. Jason Says:

    The smells on Thanksgiving are indeed awesome. My stepmom used to put chopped mushrooms in the stuffing, and it was pretty tasty. Now you’ve gotten me hankering for some green bean casserole.

  4. E-bike Says:

    I saw your post awhile back and saved it to my computer. Only recently have I got a chance to checking it and have to tell you nice work.

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