Symbolic Parade Ending

Even before Halloween arrives, Christmas decorations are sold and put up in anticipation of the Christmas season. I went into Macy’s a week before Haloween and there was a section with several Christmas trees decorated and Christmas music was playing. The Christmas season encroaching on Halloween is rather annoying, but what makes it worse is that retailers are completely looking over Thanksgiving. This is especially glaring considering this city hosts the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I like Christmas and I even put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Day if I’m in the mood, but I give due props to one of the coolest holidays of the year: Thanksgiving.

This is getting crazy.

After Halloween, autumn is still in full effect and most areas don’t see snow for a while. I like to look forward to Thanksgiving while enoying the cooler weather and watching the rest of the brown leaves fall off the trees. I’m writing this a few days before Halloween and most of the trees where I live are full of leaves. It feels too weird to look forward to Christmas or even listen to Christmas music when it still feels like the middle of fall. Also, Thanksgiving has its own merits; enough so that people shouldn’t dismiss it.

It’s still Autumn, guys. Take it easy.

Santa Claus is always at the end of the Thanksgiving parade and I think that it is fitting for him to be there. I’ve heard the parde commentators state countless times that Santa at the parade is the symbolic start to the Christmas holiday season. And that makes sense considering there are no more major holidays after Thanksgiving until then, and that one of the biggest shopping days, Black Friday, is the following day. It’s also tradition for Santa to end the parade. Kris Kringle had a major part at the parade in Miracle on 34th street and that movie is celebrated every year as a classic.

The old movie is better.

One more reason why I like to wait for Thanksgiving and hold off on Christmas stuff is because of burnout. If you think about it, most of the Christmas songs are the same and they can get tired if you keep listening to them early in November. I’ve done things like drink eggnog and put up decorations early and you konw what? By the time Christmas day finally showed up, it was no big deal. I was all burnt out from Christmas things. It is best to wait till late November before the carol station get turned on. There are a lot of Christmas television shows and movies, so it’s not bad to have a major movie countdown every day until, but even that should be in moderation.

Too much Christmas will make you crazy.

So it’s okay to look forward to Christmas, just give Thanksgiving its proper anticipation as well. You’ll find that there are many things to look forward to on Turkey day, as well as enjoying the Christmas season in due time.

Ummm, unless you live in Canada. Or anywhere else.

Okay, now put up the lights!


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