Battle Chess

This article’s subject is about something that reminds me of Thanksgiving in a serious way. It’s something that I hold dear to my heart because it has to do with family and my childhood. Today’s post is going to be about Battle Chess.

Wait, what? What does a computer chess game have anything to do with Thanksgiving? Some readers would probably make the connection to my family and I playing the game on this holiday, but to be fair, I never actually played Battle Chess. I’ve played Chessmaster, but that’s a different game. I’ll have to explain the connection with a story.

I believe the year was 1988 and my relatives were getting together for Thanksgiving. Since a lot of us lived in the same neighborhood, it wasn’t that difficult to do. However, while my parents and others were preparing for the coming feast, my aunt and uncle took their children, my brother, and I to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. We lived in south Brooklyn so it was only an hour train ride away.

It was the first time I’ve ever went, which is awesome event for an eleven year old. We were able to get a viewing spot right at the crowd gate a few blocks north of Herald Square. The parade was so cool. The most impressive aspect of the parade was the balloons. There was no height restrictions at the time so the balloons were massive. They were as tall as buildings. Currently the balloons cannot be too tall and have to stay close to the ground so at least I got to see them at their grandest.

They were big mothers.

Finally when the parade was over, my small group walked over to Herald Square, probably to catch a ride there due to the large amount of trains that connect there. I’m not sure how, but our party got separated in that area. I should note that after the parade is done, Herald Square becomes a total mad house. There is people everywhere and TV equipment taking up space.

BS like this eats up the street and sidewalk.

My uncle decided to look for the others while we wait at the corner of 33rd street and Broadway. Currently there is a Gamestop at that corner, but when we waited there, it was a computer store. While we waited there, my brother and I looked in the window of the store because there were Amiga computers there and they were demoing a chess game.

This is where we were

What was different about this game is that the pieces were actual people instead of the classic shapes. Whenever a piece was overtaken, they would actually fight and the overtaken piece would lose. The rook would morph into a monster and eat an overtaken piece. I never saw a chess game like this and I was dumbstruck. This was so incredibly cool. We must’ve been in that corner for at least a half hour and my brother and I watched it the entire time.

Not too shabby for 1988

Eventually we found the rest of our party quickly and headed home. Even though I was excited for the coming feast, I couldn’t get the chess game out of my head. As years went by, I tried to find out what this game was but I had no luck. Many years later I got a computer and started getting more aquainted with the internet. I thought the game I saw was Chessmaster, but I was wrong. I found out that it was actually Battle Chess when I did research for this blog post. I’m excited to find the actual game that I saw in that window in 1988, and I can’t help but think of the Thanksgiving Day parade every time I see it. Thanks for reading my story of rediscovery.

Have you ever played this game? Have you ever lost something to memory fog and rediscovered it years later? Leave a comment below.


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3 Responses to “Battle Chess”

  1. Steven C Says:

    So i decided to see what the heck it is that your always commenting about…. your blog, and decided to read this 1. Caught me a flash back and found it funny that you remember this chess game and that it stuck with you. that is funny… I remember that like it was yesterday. Every time I think of chessmaster or the Thanksgiving day parade this pops in my mind. Only thing I always thought it was chessmaster till now…. battlechess. But how the heck do u remember the street we were on?!?

  2. berdorules Says:

    I guess I have a good memory. And process of elimination when doing research for the blog post.

    I thought it was Chessmaster for a long time.

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