Bart VS Thanksgiving

Come now, this would not be a proper Thanksgiving countdown if I did not talk about The Simpsons Thanksgiving special: Bart Vs. Thanksgiving. I caught it when it first aired on Thanksgiving in 1990 and it has become a tradition to view it every year. Wow, I didn’t realize that its been 21 years since then and yet I still remember the first airing. I don’t want to cover the entire episode, but I want to make some observations on certain parts of the show. I have other shit to do, you know.

The episode begins with Marge preparing a Thanksgiving dinner because she’s hosting the family get together, which includes her mother, sisters, and father-in-law, and because it’s Thanksgiving (duh). Homer is sitting on the couch watching the parade instead of helping Marge with the food. When I was a kid, I would either watch the parade or watch my mother or father prep the food. I was basically Bart, getting in the way while trying to help. It’s like being at a movie set; you get to watch the making and then enjoy the final product.

Is this what you do with the turkey, Mom?

Bart notices that there are old parade balloons and Homer tells him that not every flash in the pan cartoon character can be in the parade. It’s funny because a Bart Simpson balloon appears right after that comment. The balloon isn’t a coincidence though; an actual Bart Simpson balloon debuted at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that same year.

Another thing that stood out for me about the episode is the half-time show. A group of kids called “Hooray for Everything,” which Homer says he’s a fan of because of their great attitudes, performs the show. I had no idea what they were talking about so after a bunch of investigating, these kids are supposed to be an actual group called “Up With People.” Apparently, this is supposed to be a bunch of singing and dancing youths who perform around the world. This seems weird as hell to me, but I guess it’s just their thing. I never heard of them and I guess more power to those who know them. I guess.

Seriously, bro. WTF?!

Later after Bart runs away from home and realizes he has no money, he donates blood at the blood bank and gets some money. Now, I remember a time years ago that I was broke and needed some quick cash. I remembered this scene from the Thanksgiving special and decided to call some local blood banks in the area. None of them paid for blood. The donation was purely that; a donation. So who the hell pays for blood? Does T.V. ever tell the truth? But it kinda seems like a crappy move to ask for money for blood, now that I think about it. However, if you think about even more, it’s probably better to sell blood than your ass.

I think the special ends in a good way with the family making up and finally eating leftovers together on Thanksgiving. I’ve always enjoyed eating at the dinner table with family on this day. It emphasizes what possibly may be the most important part of the holiday. Also, I always thought that Thanksgiving leftovers may taste better than first dibs. I don’t know if the flavor settles more or if it’s just a mental thing, but these leftovers would taste great. That’s why I think Bart Vs. Thanksgiving ends on a high note. And Bart wasn’t killed or raped, so that’s a bonus.

See you tomorrow!


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4 Responses to “Bart VS Thanksgiving”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Love this, a Thanksgiving Parade countdown, or any type of countdown for Thanksgiving. October came and went, everyone is going into Christmas mode and Thanksgiving seems to be forgotten.

    Forgot about the Simpson’s Thaksgiving episode until now, remembering the Cranberry sauce scene, Homer telling everyone he will pick everyone up “at halftime,” and watching the game. Always reminded me of my own family at Thanksgiving.

    What other shows will you be counting down, I love remembering Thanksgiving episodes of shows, and used to loved “pumpkin pie ala reruns,” of Cosby and Full House.

    • berdorules Says:

      I’m not sure if I’m going to cover another show because I have a lot of subjects lined up for the countdown. If everything goes well this year, I’ll probably do this again next year and will be forced to do more shows. I gotta come up with more ideas for Thanksgiving posts.

      Also, your comments were going into my spam folder. I don’t know why but I fixed that. I appreciate the comments!

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