I Eat Buzzard Eggs!

The autumn season has to be one of the best times for a blogger. There is so much to write about: the holidays, weather changes, annoying kids packing the public transportation system, and the list goes on and on. It obviously is my favorite season. Just like Easter, a big reason is the reappearance of the chocolate eggs. I love the Cadbury bunny…oh wait, these eggs are different. This are Halloween eggs!

Yummy Babies

Russell Stover stole the egg idea from Cadbury but put their own spin on it. The inside is not eggactly the same as Cadbury eggs either. It has a chocolately or marshmallow inside, rather than the yellow inside the easter egg.

In addition, the Cadbury egg is slightly wider than the Stover eggs. I can only assume that is because rabbits lay bigger eggs than, um, buzzards? Yeah, buzzards are some mean looking birds that live in cemeteries and like to hang out with Goth kids, I guess.


I thought they were vultures until I actually forced myself to read the label, which made me wonder, “What the hell are buzzards?” A little research on Google helped me find some information on them and I realized that I have seen them on T.V. before.

These birds are mean bastards and that’s probably why they look so tough, but they must be doing something right because their babies seem to love their mammas. However, I know I have seen buzzards somewhere else…I got it. On the Splash Mountain ride in Walt Disney World.


The birds seem pretty mean and scary here. Some people call these birds with top hats vultures, but they look more like the one in the Warner Brothers cartoon. I’m gonna agree with the Bugs Bunny short. I mean really, when has Chuck Jones ever did me wrong?

Anyway, I love the foil wrap on the eggs. The orange and purple colors with the bats really sets the right mood. It is very Halloweenish. I plan to pick some up so I can get into said mood.

Also, they would make a good Halloween candy stash even better. You give one to each kid along with other candy and you’ll be king of the neighborhood. They taste great and are pretty sugary. I probably don’t have to say this but diabetics should stay away from them. One bite and their head would probably explode in a Cobain-ish way.

Soon I’m going to put up my Halloween lights, carve my Jack-o-lantern, plop down in front of the T.V. with my buzzard eggs, hot apple cider, and throw on my DVD of Garfield’s Halloween Adventure. If the cartoon is actually being broadcast on television (old school), even better.

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5 Responses to “I Eat Buzzard Eggs!”

  1. Jason Says:

    I will try these if I see them. I would guess I could find them at CVS or Rite-Aid, as drug stores always carry Russell Stover candies.

    But the buzzard cartoon is the star of this article. I haven’t seen that one in ages. Hysterical, man! I really have to start watching the old Looney Toons and Merry Melodies cartoons again. Those were a staple of the first 21-23 years of my life. Do you know if any cable channel currently airs them?

    • Berdo Says:

      Cartoon Network now airs them because there are new Loony Tunes cartoons. Shouldn’t be a problem to watch if you have a DVR.

      I’ve forgotten how violent they are. Nice!

  2. Shelley Workinger Says:

    Happy Halloween Hop, Berdo 😉 I’m like a Cadbury egg junkie – I’m not even sure that I LIKE them, but I have to get one every time I see it…so I thought I was safe the other 11 months of the year, until now! Thanks for the heads up that the inside is marshmallow-y, though, and the inside color even for the caramel won’t be the same almost-raw-yolk yellow that Cadbury has perfected and that makes me happy since it grosses my husband out. Good to *meet* you!

  3. jeremy bates Says:

    stopping by late bc something took me out of the city for a couple days, but hope u had a good weekend–and hop!
    i loved the halloween (and easter) eggs with the toys inside!
    my favorite horror movie is the shining, or alien…they’re too different to only pick one!
    c u around online!

  4. Bugs Bunny Baby Vulture Says:

    […] […]

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