Coca Cola Freestyle

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey offers many different types of food and they vary in quality. I enjoy the burgers in the Character Cafe, yet I think the chicken in Granny’s Country Chicken is forgettable. However, there is a new addition that gets me so excited that I wet my pants. After I clean my pants from spilling my drink due to excitement, I usually go to one of my new favorite spots in Great Adventure: the Coca Cola Freestyle shop.

Coca Cola Freestyle
Cola Heaven!

Since I am a creature of habit, I always enter the park and make a right at the main fountain and then tour the park counter-clockwise. As I was heading toward the Movietown area, I noticed the red building near the lockers on my left. Actually, my wife pointed it out to me, otherwise I would not have noticed it, especially since I always walk around in a confused daze and with an expression of constipation.

Right off the bat, I find the Coca Cola theming very pleasing with the use of red and white. I’m a big sucker for artificial ambiance inside any theme park and appreciate when designers do something other than plain jane buildings (no offense to any Jane’s out there who look plain).


Even the outside tables with umbrellas are themed to the Freestyle building. There are other tables in the park that look similar to these, but the circular umbrellas help tie the tables to the Coca Cola building.

See, told you the tables were unique.

What catches my view in these pictures, which I haven’t noticed before, is the Coke machines alongside the Coca Cola Freestyle building. Now, I know the prices of 20 ounce sodas in Six Flags are incredibly marked up, so why would someone buy soda from these machines when there’s a soda store in their face? It doesn’t make sense…except for those who failed math. Even if you visit Great Adventure once a year, buying a souvenir cup is a way better value than buying a Coke from the vending machine. I could imagine security guards laughing every time they see someone buy a soda bottle on their security T.V.monitors; laughing while drinking rum and shooting B.B. guns in the air.

Vending Machines

It’s a sucker’s game. Play the ring toss instead.

Now, as I get closer to the building, I notice the circles with drink names going around the front of the building. I realized then that this store has different kinds of beverages that are not available anywhere else in the park. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Coca Cola freestyle and I got psyched. Who couldn’t get excited over flavors like Sprite Strawberry and Coca Cola Orange?


Coca Cola Orange? My head just exploded.

Once I stepped inside the shop, I was impressed with the style of decor that was chosen. The inside has a minimalist type of style with lots of space. The only significant areas in the room was the counter area where the cashier is and the two soda machines. The entire interior area has some sort of retro style that I can’t put my finger on.

interior small

The right side of the store has a white wall with different flavor ideas listed. I always liked the idea of using text for wall decorations. I even tried it once at my apartment but my girlfriend was furious when she got home and promptly threw out all the Sharpie markers.

wall text

Do not try this at home.

The designers of the store also did a solid for us; in the excitement of visiting Great Adventure, they know that one can forget why they entered a store. To help us out, large photos of the Freestyle machines are in plain view when you enter so that you don’t forget that you’re thirsty, and that you are there for soda, regardless that the only things in the store is the cashier and the soda fountain.

machine banner

All they need now is arrows on the floor telling customers how to queue up and pictures of money at the cashier.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to talk about the Freestyle machine and drinks. Coca Cola began releasing touch-screen soda machines which are able to create over 100 flavor combinations. Regular soda machines usually hold several five gallon boxes of syrup, one for each flavor of soda. These new machines carry concentrated ingredients in 48oz packets. It seems similar to those frozen juice cans where you add water, or those concentrated cans that look like regular juice in a six pack. Only, with the Freestyle packs, one can’t accidentally drink it and involuntary spit-spray it at a passerby’s face.

The powder packs isn’t the only way flavors are made. The machines also have flavored syrup dispensers similar to the ones you might see at the local 7-11 or Wawa. It is an easy way to get a hard flavor to find, such as Cherry Coke Zero. I have seen flavors like Cherry, Chocolate, and Raspberry. After searching through several screens just in case there was hard liquor shots available, I settled for a Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero.


So much for possibly having a Long Island Ice Tea

After trying my combination out, I wished I never found this machine. Now I have to wait to go to Great Adventure to enjoy this excellence. I wonder how long it’s going to be before I’m biting my nails and bouncing my knees while waiting impatiently for the next chance to have another taste.

One of the closest, practical areas where I can Freestyle is in Six Flags Great Adventure, but it’s not just in amusement parks. These machines are opening up around the United States. The good thing about having it at Great Adventure is that the Freestyle shop uses the souvenir cup deal. Basically, if you buy a souvenir cup, you get free refills throughout the day. If you bring the cup another day, a refill is only 99 cents. That’s not bad considering an average meal in the park could cost $14. In other words, the high prices in Great Adventure is a straight up anal rape, and at least the refill deal is the lube; the latter eases the pain of the former.

Coca Cola has a website that you can check out and I recommend that you do. It has a location finder so that you can see if there’s one in the area, and you can see what possible combinations you can make. I’m a Pepsi guy, especially since I like to have fun, but Coke has done an awesome thing here. I definitely recommend it.

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  1. kristiane Says:

    Ooh! I want to go to Coca-Cola Freestyle! Looks like fun, thanks for sharing!

  2. Rev. Back It On Up 13 Says:

    This has made me very hungry, and has reinforced my will to go to Six Flags some time this season. Do they still do Fright Fest? If so, that’s what I’m doing.

  3. Madison Clay Says:

    That is really cool. I plan on visiting someday.

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    Hey there! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone!

    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!

    Carry on the superb work!

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