Berdo’s Blog’s 1st Anniversary!

As readers who have been following my blog knows, I started these postings about a year ago in November. Although I haven’t posted consistently, I believe that I blogged entertaining posts throughout the year. I must also admit that I am a very big procrastinator and I have read lots of material about time management, yet I don’t put any strategies into action. Now, I have been busy with lots of schoolwork in the month of October and the always awesome X– Halloween Countdown absorbed my attention, even if there were not any X-rated entertainment involved. Matt’s expertise on article writing (10 years plus) allows him to post five times a week, which is awesome.

Writing for “Berdo’s Blog” is fun but tough for me. I have been writing on and off for a year. Putting out an article is the biggest bitch. I think my grammar, writing voice, and even humor has improved in the last year, but writing did not get any easier for me. I’ll admit, I’m not a great writer but I’m trying. I believe anyone can get good at anything if they put in the time and effort, so I push on.

The biggest motivator for me to keep writing is the end product. Even my earlier articles, with the terrible writing, give me pride when I look at them because there’s so much of me in these posts. I work really hard on them and believe that the articles bring enjoyment to readers, as well as giving these obscure subjects a home. I’ve got to tell you, I have had a lot of trouble finding a good article that reminisces about Math Man or Troll; and WordPress tells me that those posts are some of my most popular articles to this date. Thinking on these different subjects also helps to unlock lost memories of my childhood. Listening to the old Ice Cream Cones Cereal jingle reminded me of watching Saturday morning cartoons, while eating cereal or viewing Square One TV on PBS Friday afternoons after school before powering up the NES and kicking ass in Jackal.

To acknowledge my first year anniversary, I have decided to pull back the curtain and reveal the process that I go through when working on a new blog post. It is a look to see how the gears turn inside my head and show how often those gears fail. Remember, I started this blog originally to practice writing so that I could write decent papers for college. Again, I am not a writer per se, but I believe anyone can develop talent for anything if they work for it.

The first thing I do when I start writing is brainstorm. Obviously, when one writes a blog, they have to think about what to write about and I guess I would say that the main subject of my blog is pop culture I was into when I was younger. I have written about things like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and food, especially when it’s rare. In addition, I worked on cartoons and I have also looked into other things such as video games and movies.

Once I decide on a subject to write about, my next step is mind mapping. This is where I get pieces of information and ideas about the subject and connect them all together into one outline.

Walking Dead

An unfinished time-sensitive blog post.

What I like to do is place the idea in the middle of the page and connect all the info and ideas together. For instance if I have a bubble called Research connected to the main subject the other bubbles branches off of that could be things like Wikipedia, fan sites, or official sites. It depends on where I get my information. In my mind map of Ham Pig, I had five bubbles connecting the subject: Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats, online codes, Toy Story 3, open package or box opening, and Ham Pig voice.


Ham Pig Bubbles


These bubbles would help me stay on the subject. The mind mapping technique reminds me a lot of prostitution. The idea bubbles are the hoes, and the main idea is the pimp. If the hoes get off subject, they would get pimp smacked back in place. I don’t even have to worry about competition from Ice T (thank God).

The next step in my blog writing is probably the hardest for me. For some reason when it comes to sitting down and putting thoughts to words, I have serious trouble. Seriously, if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, all I have to do is sit in front of a computer screen and zombies will totally overlook my non-functioning brains and eat the next person. The best technique that seems to work for me is sitting with a pen and paper and write down my thoughts freehand. That sounds insane especially when I’m writing down an unnecessary 1000 word blog, but that seems to work for me. It must be my old fogey self-trained to write in that ancient way. I usually write down my first draft in a black Moleskine book, which gives me the advantage of being able to write anywhere. On the bus, subway platform, doctors office, Guantánamo Bay, or anywhere else I’m at.


An average blog posts for my site usually takes about five written pages in my black book.


A master at chicken scratch.

After that, I type it up like a school paper with double space and Times new Roman, just like how college trained me. I type it up like that for my editing process. I also salivate whenever a dinner bell is rung.

Once I’ve completed writing, the easy part of editing is next. This is where I polish my blog posts and possibly add any new comments or corrections. I print out the text and markup any mistakes and bad grammar.


This is where I also add in more forced jokes to make my posts more enjoyable. I know that printing out and proofreading my work must sound crazy to others who may just bang out a blog in an hour or so, but like I said, this really seems to work for me.


My first draft isn’t T.V. ugly, it’s ugly ugly.

When I read blogs from sites like X-E or other blogs from X-E visitors, I find that humor keeps the reading from being dry and boring. Being goofy in my writing and adding jokes where I see fit makes my blog better (at least that’s what I’m told or fooled into believing). I know that when I hang out with people, I can make them laugh easily and I’m trying to transition that into my blog. I believe I’m slowly getting it.

Finally, I import the text into WordPress. I find it easier to write with a word processing program and then insert it to the blog site. That way, I can print out and proofread it first. It is a little bit of a bitch because I have to correct the formatting after I paste the text. Once I do that, I upload any pictures I’m going to use onto an image hosting site. I don’t load pictures onto WordPress just to save limited webspace on the blog site. I link the images into my blog with HTML, which I had learned 10 years ago in order to create silly Marijuana web pages. The last thing I do is insert tags so that the subject can be found on Google.

Well, that’s the process I use whenever I write a blog post. In some areas it can seem ass-backwards the way I work on my blog, but as I beat that dead horse over and over until maggots fly into bystanders eyes and mouths, it works for me. If I wrote short articles that didn’t need any research, I would probably just type out the blog post. Obviously that’s not the case and I have to break ass to put out a post. Even with all that work, I like what I’m doing with this website and will continue to do so. However, writing seems to have gone a little easier for me to cause I now use a speech to text program called Dragon. After a little bit of adjusting, the program works almost perfectly and I am able to share my thoughts easier.


This software is freakin awesome!

Even though I am entering my senior year in college and preparing to take the LSAT, I still plan on writing more posts because I like to. Something always catches my attention and gives me ideas to write about. I’m always taking pictures of interesting things I see. Why not write about them?

Why not write?

Thanks for reading.

anniversary bubbles


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6 Responses to “Berdo’s Blog’s 1st Anniversary!”

  1. In10Words aka "Galileo" Says:

    Congrats on one year! Here’s what I do:

    -Brainstorm in my head.
    -Write ideas down either on paper or in a new blog post.
    -Research the damn thing. What I’m talking about, relevant pics/vids/etc
    -Get distracted and do something else
    -Come back to the post some long time later (days, months, hell there’s one that I started a year ago and haven’t finished).
    -Wait til 1am on a Friday to bang out the whole thing at once.
    -Repeat the previous 3 posts until I consider the entry done. Maybe post a filler entry or two.
    -Post and occasionally go back to fix errors.
    -Sigh at lack of response.

    There you have it!

    • Berdo Rules! Says:

      I am guilty of visiting your site without commenting. I do read what you post as I’m sure others do. I get a lot of views but nowhere near as many comments. I’m sure it’s the way of the world.

  2. Jason Says:

    Happy 1st birthday Berdorules blog!! Wow! That’s a big process for your writing! You do keep it fun and entertaining though. I just sit at the computer with an idea, and let it flow. With my writing, sometimes it’s great and sometimes not so much(IMO).

    Congrats, and keep up the good work!

    • Berdo Rules! Says:

      It never hit me how much work I put into these blogs until after this post. That’s probably why my postings are as common as Bigfoot sightings. I’m already working on my next few posts though.

  3. dthombs Says:

    I teach at the School of Education at Roger Williams, and we generally guide the future teachers to work through that same process. There’s a program that does the idea flow diagrams called Inspiration, and seems to be working nicely. Certainly helps a lot more than staring at a blank template and hoping to write something cohesive.

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