Cereal Mail-in Prize: Hamm Pig

For the five people who read this blog, they know that my last article was about cereal and cereal prizes. I used to send out for several different prizes as a child. It was an easy way to get new stuff without begging Mom and Dad to spend money. As I got older, I fell out of the habit of mailing in order forms for free junk. However, the opportunity to send out for something free came up and I took advantage of it.

I buy a lot of Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats for my son. He is a very picky eater so this cereal is a godsend because he loves the stuff. I thought this was weird because I did not care for this cereal when I was a child. They were too “wheaty” and not sugary enough. I must’ve looked like a cow eating it cause it was so grainy. In addition, the only flavor that was available for the Mini-Wheats was plain. Now, I have seen other flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, curry, blueberry, maple syrup, and cinnamon. If those flavors were around when I was a kid, I would have given this cereal second glance…and then look away and pick up my other super sugary cereals anyway.

Anyone who bought children’s cereal regularly everyone) knows that usually when a major motion picture for kids is released, there are movie-tied products that are promoted in cereals as well as other food items such as Happy Meals, cookies, cakes, and any other foods that give kids tits. This promotional idea is also used on this specific box. It’s Toy Story 3!


Pixar broke the bank with their Toy Story 3 ad campaign. I have seen stuff for this movie everywhere; bus stops, kid meals, condoms, knife sets, and anything else you can think of. Heck, they even had their own cereal. I didn’t buy it, but I’m sure it tasted like crap.

I have always been a fan of Disney and Pixar and I knew that I was going to the theaters when Toy Story 3 was released. I’ve enjoyed Toy Story ever since I saw the original in theaters. I actually paid to see another movie and when that ended, my friends and I snuck into Toy Story right before it started. I don’t think that a bunch of teenage guys would normally see a children’s animated film in theaters, but CGI animated films were very rare back then which made them hot. I remember that everyone wanted to see this movie because it was so high-tech with incredible graphics. It is funny to compare it with the graphics in Toy Story 3. Look at the face of Andy in the first movie and in the third.


New Andy VS Old Andy

Andy’s face looks more normal and less like a malnourished demon spawn. The evolution of this technology has been impressive. Most impressive.

The Mini-Wheats have a promotion where Toy Story 3 products can be ordered based on how many points one has. One point is included in each box and buying more boxes can lead to better prizes.


This idea is somewhat similar to collecting UPC’s for prizes. In my Ice Cream Cones blog post, I mentioned that I had to collect and mail-in two UPC’s in order to get a mini-piano. Well this promotion has several code requirements. For example, one code can get you a wack-ass desktop widget. Three codes can get five dollars in concession cash. Four codes can give you a bank. Eight codes can get you a free T-shirt, and so on. When I saw these options on the back of the box, I immediately knew which item I wanted.

I wanted the Hamm bank. Who could resist owning a free item that’s in the actual movie? Hamm was voiced by John Ratzenberger and was a fun character to watch. He’s the guy who played the mailman in Cheers. Pixar has used him in every movie since the original Toy Story because they consider him their lucky charm. See if you can recognize his voice in Pixar movies.

Anyway, I wanted to get Hamm Pig, but I wasn’t going to flat-out buy four boxes of this stuff. The plan was to buy these cereal boxes as needed and if I get lucky, I’ll get the points I need before the boxes with the promotion goes away. Three months later, I finally got the points I need for Hamm. The codes were inside the box so I got them together and went online. I had to register on the Kellogg’s website, but once I did, I entered the codes and selected Hamm pig. The site then said the package is on its way. No payment necessary for shipping or anything like that. I thought that was pretty cool. Maybe about a month later, a plain white box was delivered though the mail. I was trying to figure out who I pissed off until I noticed the small print of “Kellogg’s” on the box. box

The package arrived a lot faster than I thought it would.

So, I’m opening the box quickly because I want to see how Hamm looks.


I pull out the bank and of course, there’s a children’s choking hazard bag around it.


Makes sense.

After I take off the plastic, I realize that he’s the real deal. Hamm isn’t a cheap knockoff. He seems to be an actual replica. Hamm2

Hamm even has a raised eyebrow to show his “attitude.” This pig really is a score since I didn’t have to pay extra for him. Another thing that grabs my attention is the size of him. I don’t know the average size of piggy banks, but Hamm Pig is bigger than I expected him to be, especially since he was free. I took a page from that movie, “The Bone Collector” and placed a bill next to Hamm so readers can figure out the banks actual size.


Of course, it would make too much sense for me to look at the cereal box for his dimensions. It would have been nice if Angelina Jolie was taking the pictures like in the movie, but with my luck, I’d probably be the one paralyzed in bed, cursing my impotence.

So to recap, I basically requested Hamm Pig because I like toy Story and I haven’t ordered anything from cereals for many years and wanted to do it again for old times sake. Although I think cutting out UPC’s and mailing them seems more gratifying than entering codes in a website, Ham Pig seems to be one of (if not the) best cereal prizes I ever received in the mail. I did get a limited edition Star Wars comic printed exclusively for cereal offers, I never opened the packaging and saved it, so I have no idea what the story is about and can’t enjoy it as much. I’m giving Hamm to my son, but it was fun getting a cereal prize in the mail like I used to so many years ago. I recommend trying it out for nostalgic value. If you never ordered a cereal prize through the mail, then it sucks to be you. Haha.

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8 Responses to “Cereal Mail-in Prize: Hamm Pig”

  1. Jason Says:

    Curry flavored Mini-Wheats?! Nice how you slipped that one in there. “Any other foods that give kids tits”=classic.

    I’m with the belief that getting anything other than bills in the mail is pretty sweet. Like Matt has said, when you were a kid getting mail was great, you felt like a someone. I still like getting packages in the mail, even if I know what it is. Being able to have the physical item, is a rush.

    P.S.-Keep up with the regularity. 🙂

  2. Amy Says:

    I am also totally commenting to give you props for “any other foods that give kids tits.” I’m also going to add “I’d probably be the one paralyzed in bed, cursing my impotence.”

    I don’t remember there being a lot of mail order prizes that didn’t need S&H sent with them, I must have been eating the wrong cereals.

    • berdorules Says:

      I was going to write “punching myself in the groin and yelling ‘wake up, wake up!'” but I think I saw that somewhere else.
      I think the free S&H might be new. I dunno.

  3. kristiane Says:

    All I can think of when I look at that thing is how big it’s head is in comparison to it’s body.

  4. Tresjolie9 Says:

    Wow, that is just the perfect “piggy bank.”

  5. Paul Says:

    I sent away for that Hamm and the Alien USB light months ago! My wait finally eclipsed their estimated wait time, so I contacted Kellogg’s and they mailed out a new set. I too was very impressed with Hamm. I’m still disappointed I didn’t grab the Disney store version, but this one fills in very nicely.

    The alien light is fun, too. He’s only slightly smaller than the “official” scale Aliens and he has a translucent head for the light effect, but he fits in, too.

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    […] fan sites, or official sites. It depends on where I get my information. In my mind map of Ham Pig, I had five bubbles connecting the subject: Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats, online codes, Toy […]

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