Overcoming my irregularity

I’m finally able to write a new post because my hectic school schedule is over. Of course, it’s my fault that I didn’t have time to write anything new because I love to set new standards in procrastination and constantly push all my work back to the very end. Some of my classes were up to date, but there were others where I had to do research papers and didn’t do anything until the last two weeks. So the last week of school, I had to break night at least twice in order to get the work done. I definitely wouldn’t recommend that because in the morning, it is too hard to concentrate on anything. I would fall asleep while typing and then kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

oh shit, sorry. Falling asleep while typing would happen. It would make more sense to complete the schoolwork a little bit over an extended amount of time, but that would make too much sense for me.

Now that the semester is over, it feels like a really fat person got off of my shoulders and I’m able to walk upright without back spasms. It actually feels a little weird now that I have really nothing to do. To eat up the time, I got a subscription on Gamefly.com, purchased a Java programming book to practice coding for fun since I’m a major geek in disguise, started working on the prequel to The Wheel of Time, and working on my Spanish, thanks to that sexy chick, Rosetta Stone.

And most important of all, I now have time to work on articles for my blog. I didn’t want to start up a blog and crap out even before a year has passed. Technically I sort of did since my posts for this past year have been few and far between. Although I have not been posting much, this blog has been in my mind constantly. I have been thinking about subjects to cover and how I would do it. The only thing left is to actually sit on my ass and pump them out.


So expect to see more posts this coming summer. The nasty heat always keeps me close to my air conditioner, which gives me more time to write. Even when the summer is over, the holiday season shows up and I think that is the best times of the year. Who could deny the fun times of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Oh yeah, I forgot that I also got a summer membership to the local YMCA and already started hitting the machines. I’m down to 205lbs and plan on losing more. However, I’m still getting over the weirdness of showering naked with other grown men in the same room. Am I supposed to get used to that? What’s also weird about it is that many of these guys walk naked from the shower all the way to their locker, and it’s a big locker room. I almost feel out of place walking around wearing a towel. I’m still not going to walk around with my pilly packer out though.

Okay, I’m sure I made you readers uncomfortable with that last paragraph. Welcome to my world.


12 Responses to “Overcoming my irregularity”

  1. The Spanish Irregular Verb Querer | Teach Yourself French Says:

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  2. Jimmy Says:

    Sweet! Glad to see you’ll be posting more!

  3. kristiane Says:

    I have never gotten used to showering with naked old men. So, yes, you are weird 😉

  4. The Conjugation of Querer in Spanish | BumbleBee Daily Says:

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  5. Jason Says:

    When I was in the Army, you had to shower in the open with everyone else. You get used to it, not really, you kind of forget. After getting sweaty and dirty all day, you really don’t give a shit. You just wanna shower and get to bed. As far as walking around w/out a towel? Anywhere I shower. Towel dry as soon as the water stops running.

    • berdorules Says:

      I thought about the Army and their shower situation. I guess it’s just that I put myself in that situation. In the Army, there’s no choice but to shower around the guys. I’m not forced to go to the gym and then shower with others nearby. I could just not go to the gym. I am not used to seeing other naked guys. I think the weirdest part of it all is the guys who walk from the shower to their locker in a very large locker room. It’s jarring to walk into the Y, go to the locker room to change in order to enjoy a good workout, and then immediately run into a naked man. lol, it’s just weird.

  6. po prostu Says:

    Have you ever heard of editing? In seven paragraphs all you said was: I will be attempting to post more now that I have more time. Instead of being clear and concise you went into a self-indulgent ramble about things that no one-except you-cares about in the slightest.

    Your writing is of shameful quality with no apparent attempt to clean it up or tighten it. You committed the greatest crime a writer can commit: you wasted the time of your readers.

    • berdorules Says:

      I love this comment. Hey, if I don’t waste the time of readers, who will? And yes, I’ll admit that many times I thought that I should clean up some of the things I post, but as long as the message gets through, then it’s okay. I could write posts that look like college papers, but heck, this is a blog. Foolishness is much more fun to read than an uptight paper written by someone with a pole up his or her ass.

      Um, you know what? I apologize to everyone who enjoys poles up their ass. Who am I to judge the sexual practices of others?

  7. po prostu Says:

    I think your writing has potential if only you would tighten it up and define a clear purpose. I have read most of your blog (I like to read blogs and leave comments that are in the interest of constructive criticism) and have enjoyed what I read – when it was intelligible.

    Clear and concise language does not have to look like a college term paper. It simply removes ambiguity and eases the reader in his task. When you write something you are asking the reader for his time, something which is invaluable. He trusts you to use this time wisely and with consideration – to state a theme and a point for your writing and to convey this point with simplicity; maybe even with a little style . . .

    I can guarantee you that no one cares about your schooling, your work, your obstacles in life – and I don’t say this to be cruel. I was educated at Dartmouth College, Uniwersytet Warszawski, and the Saint Petersburg State University. I tell you this only to prove my point that you do not care and it doesn’t forward my idea at all. It is idle bragging and I am no braggart. Your readers all have their own challenges in their life, they don’t care about yours.

    What they do want, however, is for you to clearly define your theme and present it to them accurately, confidently, clearly, and concisely. This is your duty as a writer.

    You will find your message will get through with more clarity and pleasure-for both writer and reader-if you would apply more focus.

    I realize this isn’t a typical comment you might receive, but I do mean well. We have a beautifully rich language; treat it with the justice it deserves.

    • berdorules Says:

      Point taken.

    • jenniferthewriter Says:

      You know, Po, for someone who supposedly graduated from Dartmouth you waste your time obsessing over the smallest things. I would think that if you were an actual writer you’d have more important things to do. You know, like writing books, or articles, or whatever it is that you actually do.

      And actually, as someone who writes on a consistent basis, I have to say that people do care about other peoples work, school, and general everyday occurrences. Maybe you don’t, but I guess that’s why you’re bothering other people about their writing (when they didn’t ask you) instead of actually writing something worthwhile.

      To summarize my point, you’re a loser with way too much time on your hands. To fix that, you might want to learn about porn or star trek. I’m fairly sure that star trek and porn are the things that losers amuse themselves with.

  8. po prostu Says:

    I really don’t see why you must resort to petty insults when I offered nothing but sound, solid advice. My education is none of your business, and to be honest my dear, I don’t give a damn what you believe.

    I like reading blogs and I enjoy WordPress because it allows you to browse many blogs based on themes. I like his topics and if his writing was cleaned up I think it would bring his point out stronger – is this not an obvious fact of writing. I don’t see how this point could possible have offended you in the way it obviously did.

    I never claimed to be a writer because I am not a writer, not by occupation at least. I work as a consultant at Telekomunikacja Polska in Warsaw – if you’re ever in the area give me a ring. I’ll treat you to a nice meal. I live only a short walk from the restaurant I picture us at, so we’ll head back to my place and watch some Star Trek – I have this recipe for pumpkin spice popcorn that will drive you wild.

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