The Cadbury Egg


Every Springtime near Easter, all sorts of delicious candies are sold. One staple sticks out from the rest. The Cadbury Eggs define what Easter candy should be. My eyes light up when they appear in the supermarket, early in the year. I can never wait to bite into the hard chocolate shell and enjoy the sugary cream with white and yellow inside. The sugary, diabetes inducing deliciousness has me hooked. I always end hoarding them during the after Easter sale. As the years have gone by, they were kind enough to release a caramel (or Car-mel) flavored egg, and then an orange flavored one. Although they are all good in their own way, the original tastes best, in my humble opinion.

caramel and orange

A pleasant surprise found at my local CVS was a pack of mini Cadbury eggs. The plastic covered pack contained miniaturized versions of the traditional Cadbury egg.


It came with a dozen mini eggs. I bit into the smaller egg and grimaced, then I promptly removed the foil from the egg. On my second attempt, I bit into it easily and tasted the familiar flavor of its big brothers. The inside cream was brown, which was strange for me. The color threw me off but because of the familiar taste, I enjoyed it as well. I think the compact size is a good idea in order to limit my sugar intake, and the dozen eggs gives it a cool touch.

I think the most memorable part of the Cadbury Egg experience is their mascot, the Cadbury Bunny. The Bunny is something I remember from my childhood. The iconic bunny constantly clucks during the commercial as if it was a chicken. However, looking at it now, it almost seems like the bunny took a shit in the nest and the pile of shit is the Cadbury eggs. I was slightly grossed out when I recently watched the commercial. I’m just glad they left the wrapping on the eggs. In addition, they must crack the egg in advance or something, because every time I try to split the egg in half, like the commercial, my thumb usually ends up in the cream.

Besides the classic commercial, I also like the “tryout” one. In this ad, different animals are trying out to be the Cadbury Bunny and wear silly bunny ears during the tryout. I like to think the job has good benefits, like working for the spring season and taking a break for the rest of the year. Even I would be happy with a nine month paid vacation.

What sucks about the ads is I never see them anymore. I assume that the first commercial has been long retired and the second one just isn’t played as much. The other day while I was in the laundromat picking up some washed clothes, I saw the tryout ad on their televisions. I was so psyched because it’s been years since I have seen it on TV. I used to get excited seeing it on TV as a kid, and the nostalgia of seeing it again on TV was great.

I always wanted to get the eggs because of the ads. As I just said, I loved the TV ads. However, I cannot recall a time, when I was young, where I actually had a Cadbury egg. This is probably because I rarely got one, or never had the pleasure of having one at a young age. I’m inclined to think that it was rare when I ate one, probably because my mother though there was too much sugar, which is weird because could those eggs have more sugar than ice cream or candy bars? Thinking about it now, I figure that Cadbury Eggs were too high brow for the ghetto and they would overshadow other candies like Now n’ Laters, Boston Baked Beans, and Lemon heads.

As a teenager, I rediscovered your delicious eggs and would try to get them whenever I could. Again, they were hard to find because I lived in a ghetto area and the bodegas wouldn’t sell them. I would get lucky and find them in obscure places. The commercial would still play, so I knew they were out there, so I always kept an eye open for them.

Now as an adult, I can go to the neighborhood CVS or supermarket and find all types of Cadbury eggs. It probably also helped that I moved into a better neighborhood. Although I try not to go all out eating the eggs for health reasons, I still pick them up whenever they reappear in the store every Easter. I look forward to your eggs. The Cadbury bunny is perfection in brand marketing and I couldn’t care less if the ads were child branding to me. As far as I’m concerned, a good product stands the test of time and that’s why your company has been around for years. I know Kraft bought the Cadbury company, but I’m sure they know a good product when they see it.

Keep up the good work, and continue pumping out those eggs. Thanks for the memories. I’ll be sure to celebrate the resurrection of Christ with a chocolate stained mouth.

2 Responses to “The Cadbury Egg”

  1. kristiane Says:

    Oh yum! I haven’t had one in years, as I am afraid of the tickle in my throat from all that sugar goo. Maybe they have em half priced today.

  2. berdorules Says:

    They’re all getting bought up incredibly fast in the after Easter sales. Get one while you can.

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