Cloud Computing? That baloney is old…or is it? Geek!

Yikes! I haven’t written a new post in a while because my laptop is getting pretty busted. The screen has lines popping up every so often, and some of the keys are busted. In addition, one side of the screen detaches from the hinge of the laptop. I’m not going to post a picture of it out of sheer embarrassment. So when I was doing online searches for netbooks, I discovered something called “Cloud Computing.”

What the hell is that? Heaven’s internet café? Nah, it’s something many of us use without even realizing it. Cloud computing is basically using software that’s online and not installed on your computer. It would be something similar to comparing Gmail to Microsoft Outlook. Other sites like Facebook use this idea.

So whoop de doo.

Who gives a crap about this? The only reason why I bring this up is because I had no idea how much this is implemented on the internet. Also, the complete boringness of January is driving me up the wall and has me straining my brain to think of something to write about.

But there are some interesting things I wanted to mention about this cloud stuff. For one, gaming has really taken off. How many times do people buy CD-Rom games that have to get installed to a computer? I think times are really changing when it comes to games. Look at one of the most popular games online right now: Farmville. That is a game where all one has to do is go to the webpage and start playing right away. Games like Farmville uses Flash technology which has been around for a while, but developers are taking it to a frightening level. I visited a website called Quake Live, where you can actually deathmatch with others on your damn browser screen! That totally blew my mind. There is a small installation process, but it is very small and probably takes a minute. I noticed that all of my information on my player is saved online and I can play this game from anywhere that lets me connect to the site.


Holy crap! I’m playing this on FireFox! Or Internet Explorer! Or Chrome…

I think stuff like that is where cloud computing comes in handy. Your information is stored online to access wherever there is internet service. Another online service that I found useful is You can sign up for 2 gigs of free space online. The cool part is that you can select certain folders on your computer and anything you save or alter in those folders will automatically sync to your online, encrypted files. This will so totally come in handy with my college papers. Then, you can check your files through a web browser, or another computer can be synced to the account. If you have more than one computer, the files will be automatically shared between them. USB drives will eventually become useless.

I barely scratched the surface with cloud computing. With wifi access expanding constantly, web applications will probably take over hard drives in the not too distant future…in a good way. Not in a “locking people out of computers and launching nuclear missiles” way.

One Response to “Cloud Computing? That baloney is old…or is it? Geek!”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    I’ve touched on this idea in my blog before, but I’ll reiterate that I’m hoping this type of “Sharing” will spread to music and books as well, thus creating a currencyless society where we somehow have what we need and learn and share for fulfillment and the betterment of human kind, like in Star Trek TNG.

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