The most useful popup ever!

Watch out everyone! Hell is about to freeze over, pigs are slamming into my windows, Mr.
Burns is donating all of his riches to charity, and the second coming is imminent. I have stumbled upon a popup that was actually useful to me. Yesterday when I was surfing the web, a popup appeared in the background and speech started to play through the speakers. When I right-clicked the window tab at the taskbar to close it, I noticed that video was playing. It was Robert Englund! Apparently, he has an internet webisode series on Fearnet called Fear Clinic. How cool is this??

From what I can gather from the webisode, Englund runs a clinic that helps people overcome their fears. He straps a patient into a coffin-like box and then they hallucinate confronting their fears. Obviously since it’s a show on Fearnet, the therapy is some of the wildest stuff the patient will ever see. I’m still trying to figure out how the hell this helps the patient. I don’t want to get specific on what happens in the show, but I’ll just say that the clinic would bring litigation nightmares faster than you can say, “Bob’s your weird uncle.”

As of this posting, there are five episodes produced so far, and they are done really well. Each webisode is only seven minutes, but they manage to put in a lot of story into it. It seems like a long-ass seven minutes. I would advise anyone into any kind of horror to check it out. It’s only TV-14, but they’re pretty good.

Speaking of Robert Englund, I recently caught a movie called, “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.” This movie is a refreshing look at the slasher genre. It’s a mockumentary about graduate film students who follow a man (Leslie Vernon) that is planning a murder spree in a world where Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and the like were actual killers. Leslie is giving out tips on his planning tactics when he chooses who he’s planning to kill. I enjoyed this movie very much and actually had some well-placed funny moments. It also breaks down the slasher movies much more than Scream ever did.

Oh yeah, Robert Englund plays Leslie’s “Ahab.” That’s the term Leslie uses for his nemesis. I don’t want to get too detailed on the movie, lest I spoil it for anyone reading this. I do not need my own Ahab after ruining an awesome movie for any potential viewers. For anyone who enjoys slasher movies, I highly suggest this movie. I watched it on Netflix instant streaming, so for any Netflix users who are reading this post, put this movie in your queue.



2 Responses to “The most useful popup ever!”

  1. In10Words aka "Galileo" Says:

    Hey, this is Galileo aka Invader Norbert over at XE & Beaming For Bunnies! Thanks for adding me and become a fellow XE Blogger!

    BTW, I got the perfect tagline for your blog: “Not an Egg-Spitting Dinosaur!”

    I have another blog I’d like for you to add to your blogroll, “In 10 Words” which can be accessed by clicking my name! Or from here:

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    • berdorules Says:

      I like that! You have no idea how many times people mention Super Mario Bros. 2 and that cross-dressing bird whenever they hear my nickname. I will use that!
      For the record, people called me Berdo long before 1988. I guess the name just stuck.

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