Hello world!

I’ve wanted to start a new blog for several reasons. One of the reasons is because I have noticed that my spelling and grammar has started to suffer because I’m out of school right now. Ever since I got my associates degree, I haven’t been writing any papers since April. Whenever I reread posts in forums after posting them, I always cringe because the grammar is ugly. I’m talking Pug-Fugly. That’s not cool. What am I putting myself into…uh…even more debt with student loans if I don’t learn anything? These blog posts should iron out any writing kinks I may have, except of course for the occasional cliché.

Another reason why I’m starting a blog is to write about the strange or cool things I see. I’m usually taking photos of random things but have no place to describe them. Having one place to put them would be very convenient. Also, I don’t have as much time to hang out with friends. Who am I gonna tell all the cool, strange, or crazy things I usually see? This blog!

Or, it’s just a nice way of saying I’m a loser and I have nothing better to do.

Finally, I’m starting this weblog because I’m rebelling against my parents and jumping off the bridge like everyone else. Everyone else has a blog so why shouldn’t I? Simple logic.

So there it is. First post done. Now I just have to read up on wordpress options to make this a better blog. Gotta go. My son is eating paper towels.



One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Dann Says:

    I like the blog. I’ve added the RSS feed to outlook, so I should be able to keep tabs on it.

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